Die A.P. Donovan Vision

Unsere Vision

»Can you feel it? The primal scream? Do you feel it rising up within you? How it grows bigger and starts to breathe? And then - BAM! - a nice soft down pillow comes flying out of nowhere and suffocates it!

We live in an amazing time. Technology, great cars and endless possibilities. But unfortunately, our club is slowly gathering dust down in the cellar. And so is the guy who used to swing it. The man of today has become soft. Small, comfortable, lost and pitiful. And yet, it's still there. The primal scream. And the man with the club. Suffocated, imprisoned and obedient. When we aimlessly chase after goals which are not our own, sometimes he rattles the pink bars. Then he gets angry. Cute.

We're men, dammit! We want more, we want to do great things! And if it's socially unacceptable to shove a mammoth off the cliff and to kill our competitors, then we have to find another way to realize our potential! We don't even pee standing up anymore!

At A.P. Donovan, we believe that every man has what it takes to break out of the dilemma of the modern world. That every man has the potential to transform himself into the Alpha that is within him. Without bloodshed. Without Canadian forests. And especially without self-discovery workshops in the mountains, where you sit together and drink maté for hours until Joe finally starts crying about his divorce.

Our vision is men who have become men again. Who are real. Who live according to their values. Who know their strengths and weaknesses and don't let either throw them off course. Who work on themselves. Who know what they need to do and do it. Men who derive power and strength from their actions and whose energy inspires and motivates other people. We want to save your Alpha!

That's our mission! Let us gather the Alphas of this world from the rubble, ashes and fabric softener. Let us reawaken them! Stand up! For your true identity! For the Alpha within you! And, yes, stand up in front of the toilet bowls of this world! «

You. Are. A. Man!

What is an alpha?

What is the code of values?

Was ist der Alpha-Kodex?Wir arbeiten mit Hochdruck daran...