The A.P. Donovan Wondermap

  • Solid world map in timeless design.
  • Huge, unique size of 2.5m x 1.6m
  • Absolute precision through CNC laser processing.
  • Long-lasting map material from surface-coated HDF boards.
  • Low set-up time of approx. 45 - 60 min.
  • Optional individual design - and expandable.
  • Hanging supporting structure.
  • More favorable in comparison to qualitatively similar products in the order of magnitude.
  • Select different apertures.
  • Optional illuminant.

Here you go to the world maps

Real guys and robust world map

What do the most bold and bold landlubbers have in common - right, only with solid map material will they reach their goal.

Our world map is not designed to show you the way from the Rhine to Bielefeld, no, she has much bigger plans for you. She lets you dream of distant journeys and conquered places, makes an impression solely by her imposant gröe and captivates by absolute precision even the most critical männereye.

The whole world in your hands - and then on your wall. You don't need a steering wheel to feel like a conqueror, you need your toolbox and the will to tackle it. Well, you should also have a sensible spirit level at hand.

We know you're a whole guy and you don't need instructions, but for sure, have a look:


White / Black

  • Wondermap - Weiß/Schwarz
    499,00 €

Black / White

  • Wondermap - Black / White
    499,00 €

White / White

  • Wondermap - White / White
    499,00 €

Black / Black

  • Wondermap - Black / Black
    499,00 €

Wondermap Schwarz / Weiß Details

Care for what's important to you

The same as real Männerfreundschaften among themselves to be cultivated want, a good wine dark stored and the Cohibar probably best in the noble humidor to be stored - it depends on the environment.

Our world map would really do damn well in a team accommodation on rough seas - apart from the probably lacking space, the high humidity would make it much more difficult for her. Your bath - no matter what the size - is not a suitable place.

...and in the event that the world alone is not enough for you - our world map can be expanded at will. With your ideas, your goals and your small and big successes. No limits, no impossibilities. Contact us for your visions, we will realize them .

LED backlight

The typical buccaneer image would have been a completely different one with the highest probability, but Störtebekers and colleagues could have made use of optimal LED lighting. But for generally known technical reasons, they couldn't and whoever believes that behind every wicked-looking eye patch I hide only a remnant of a strong two-pronged - makes a huge mistake!

The hidden eye was many times more sensitive to light and so the pack scout out the darkest corners even in the darkest rooms.

just try it out - it actually works! Thanks to our LED illumination you can enjoy the A.P.Donovan Wondermap without any masquerade. It provides a pleasant indirect lighting, whose LED spots are distributed over a total length of 8m.

Thus she puts the DoItYourself world map in the right light and makes you shine.

Wondermap Beleuchtung

Questions & Answers

What dimensions does the card have

250cm width, 160cm height and 6cm depth

Where and how is it made?

It is produced in Germany and handcrafted in our workshop.

What is that for a material?

[…] High Density Fiberboard (HDF) is a fiberboard or a wood-based material which consists of wood fibers soaked with glue and pressed under pressure and heat in a dry process and which has been especially highly compressed (density above 800 kg/m³). […] source: Wikipedia.

Must I be skilled?

No, but you should be able to drill a hole in the wall.

Are there other motifs?

Not yet, but we are happy to work together on it. Write to us and tell us your wish. Contact form is in the footer of the page.

Is the LED illumination also available in other colors?

At the moment we only offer warm white in our shop. But write to us and tell us your wish. Maybe we can realize it. Contact form is in the footer of the page.