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Why Alphanews? In a word: Addiction! Because success is addictive. Once you've tasted success, you want more, and you'll seek it out. It doesn't matter, whether you've earned your first dollar of profit from your own startup, or whether you weigh a pound less than you did a week ago. Anyone who's reached a goal or solved a problem can call themselves successful. As can anyone who's left their comfort zone and taken a further step towards their goal.

With the free Alphanews there is another every third day, inspiring and true story of someone who has achieved success in one form or another. Not only billionaires, but ordinary people like you or I. We tell their stories in a concise and pynchy way and provide further links to their social media profiles and offers.

Our Alphanews stories are written by successful people, for successful people, and for anyone who wants to set out on the path toward success. Your inspiring and motivational start to the day. Sign up here: Alpahnews stories are free, with no obligation - and that will never change!

So here's a little foretaste of what you can expect: three extracts from stories that will appear in the Alphanews mailshot.

From zero to two million

Image: #114868139 - © Aidman -

Leo Babauta had a lot going on: he was overweight, with six kids, two jobs, who knows how many cigarettes and a pile of debt. What he didn't have, was enough time to reach his major goal: he wanted to be a successful blogger. Read in Alphanews how Leo managed to run one of the world's most successful blogs despite all this, with over 2 million readers. Read his story.

Turning a DIY kit into a success story

Matthias Henze

Image: #61556666 - © Vladimir Prusakov -

Sometimes, Matthias Henze still goes up in the air to relax on weekends in the cockpit of his glider. As a child, he'd dreamed of becoming a pilot, but somewhere along the line, this dream didn't work out. Alphanews tells the story of what happened back then, and why Matthias is now the successful CEO of a flourishing online business.

From raw fish to riches

Ryuji Ishii

Image: #97487064 - © Givaga -

When Ryuji Ishii emigrated to the USA in 1985 as a penniless accountant, he had very little apart from a suitcase full of belongings. In other words, he had nothing but the hope of making a fresh start in the land of unlimited possibilities — and a great sense of timing. Alphanews tells the story of how Ryuji Ishii became a successful entrepreneur with annual revenues of 200 million dollars.

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