Razor FAQ


Why a razor by A. P. Donovan?

Our manufacturer produces the knife by hand and looks back on 100 years of experience in the processing of knife steel. The blades are sharpened, so you can start right away with your first shave. All blades are made of excellent Japanese steel with a hardness of up to 65HRC.

Simple put, the harder the steel, the sharper the blade. The handles of our premium models consist of rare woods and stainless steel insert ensures the proper fixation and leadership. Last but not least: They look great.

Which razor is right?

This is the most common question we get asked. The question is justified because you want to choose when buying for the best possible product.

But the answer to this question from a distance just difficult, because we know nothing about you. But exactly it finally arrives. A clear answer to can not give you, but certainly decision aids:

Quick or rather ritual?

How do you feel about shaving? Is this more of a ritual for which you take your time, or is it an annoying evil that brings the beard of a man with him? Take the time to care for your tools? Men who tend to feel a shave as a ritual more likely to maintain their tools, for the preparation and revision are easy for them to do so. These men will find it here, because we carry only razor that want to be treated well. This will avoid any oxidation spots on the razor blade, resulting not a pretty picture. If you are looking for a low maintenance easier razor, then we recommend the softer steel swords you but at AP Donovan did not find, because we only real razor.

beginner or advanced?

shave with a razor or already wish you go first? No matter how natural shaving with a razor also may sound, it is not right for every man of today. You must as well, learn with all other skills shaving only. This is not as fast at the beginning and you might lose one or two milliliters of blood. If you persevere, you will be rewarded with a certain (ur) male feeling. Not to mention the attractive effect on the female sex. Give up, it puts your ego a kink. When giving up is an option for you, you'd better buy a knife in a beautiful wooden box, so you can at least still stand there as decoration.

What size and shape?

What are the width and shape of the blade should have? That depends on who you want to impress. If you want to do your daily shave quickly and easily, then we recommend a blade that is not too wide and has rounded corners. The face has its rough edges. The wider the blade, the more complicated it will be to shave some points such as the jaw bone for you. Is not rounded blade, you should introduce yourself how the feeling may be when a sharp knife tip accidentally hits somewhere between the jawbone and carotid artery. Our blades have a width of about 7.0 - 7.5 cm

As the blades are properly cared for?

The care designed when consistently performed quite simple: In general, we can say that the knife like dry it. Ask. After every shave sure you rinse with water and dry the blade so that the blade is completely dry If the knife times for a long period of time not to use (more than 7 days), then oil the blade to preserve them.

Do not store the knife in humid areas, but in a dry place. If you follow these simple rules, you will have a great tool for the coming years.

» Shown on the right you see the result of improper care. The resulting oxidation stains were treated with a pot sponge, which unfortunately does not lead to the desired result.


Questions from our customers

Why should I shave with a razor?

Not only do you leave a particularly masculine impression in females. It is in this form of shaving a ritual in which you simply times take a break from everyday life and focus on nothing else but a perfect shave.

Are the razor ready?

Yes, the razor sharpened already come to you and are immediately ready for use.

What is the relationship between price and quality?

It is not a wholesale between us and you. We are the producer and quote the price advantage for you. We are therefore convinced that you are the ratio for more than feel appropriate.

What is the blade?

There is a 7/8 "blade. They say that this is not ideal for beginners? We say that a beginner with a little effort will rapidly advanced. Therefore, our razors are suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

What materials are used?

Only the best! And this is not just a throwaway remark. The woods are noble and expensive. The Japanese steel comes from Japan. The leather from Kazakhstan. The rare earths for the wax from Turkey.

How to shave correctly?

A particularly understand instructions, see the Barber Shop L'Oréal MEN EXPERT

How do I get my razor sharp?

Let's get this a bit: In a kitchen knife, the degree is removed, where the chef pulls the grindstone against the blade. With a razor, it is the other way around, because we shave with the land. While shaving the ridge bends in all directions around and when we try to sharpen it towards the blade tip again set up. To do this, first remove roughly onto the linen side of our strop. To do this, place the blade on the belt and pull towards back of the blade. To set the degree and ensure a tapering blade.

The next step is the fine chamois. To do this, spread the supplied wax on the leather side of the detaching leather. Now pull the blade from again. Make sure that you use when changing direction from one side of the blade to the other, the knife across the back and not the other way around to the sword.

Why A. P. Donovan shaving?

Comfortable, practical and economical. The aluminum can our shaving soap is sized in diameter so that you can easily mix with the shaving foam. Just hold it under water and pull the brush some circles. After use, turn the can and wash off from the outside. The residual foam then regresses, so you waste nothing. The shaving soap is made only from natural substances. No silicones, phthalates or crude oil products.