Chronovan 2018 July - December

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Calendar / Year planner July - December 2018 to print. Efficient time management through visualizable daily structure. Appointment calendar with weekly overview.


A.P. Donovan

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What is a Chronovan and why do I need this type of calendar?

The Chronovan annual planner for efficient time use

Well planned, better implemented for best results. Appointment calendars are a fine thing. They help you to coordinate your appointments, to remind you of important data and, incidentally, create a piece of personal history to touch and look up. And your own.

Where is the USB port on the calendar and why does not my stylus work there?

Our world is still turning just as fast despite worldwide digital networking. This will not change with clever apps and supposedly time-saving multimedia. You still have 24 hours to rock a day and a night before your date display on your smartphone changes. At the end of the day you ask yourself where the day, the time and above all the result of your organization has remained. All right, but what does that have to do with an appointment planner? Quite a lot, because our annual planner will help you not only to organize your appointment, but also to easily see through your daily routine. 24/7 under control. What is where to do, what influence does this activity have on your overall time budget, where can your ever-sooner time be better organized? All important factors when it comes to bringing more efficiency into your processes and making better use of time. The AP Donovan Chronovan helps you through a sophisticated visualization that can be fully customized to get the most out of your time management.

For whom is the calendar designed and what are the benefits of the AP Donovan Chronovan?

Busy employees, creative minds and visualization fanatics will happily twitch the pen between their fingers, because our annual planner is designed for those who want to use their time wisely and efficiently. To break old structures, analyze unfavorable habits and optimize new approaches. The AP Donovan Chronovan is a useful offline tool for more insight and self-management in an increasingly fast-paced time. All appointments can be clearly and chronologically mapped, different color assignment of eg. Duration of travel, leisure activities or the daily working hours make it easier to visualize the relationships first and then to analyze. Start your new era with our Chronovan Pocket Calendar!

Diary and annual planner in transition

A good appointment calendar has to offer more today than simply recording your appointments. He has to show you how and when you invest your time so you can keep track and prioritize. The Chronovan Annual Planner supports you. And not only that. The calendar actively challenges you: With Challenges of the Month, Motto of the Week and simple but meaningful tasks, for better self-perception and optimization the Chronovan calendar will challenge you. He gets your life up to speed with one or the other task and encourages you to think outside the box, question things and take on new perspectives. Half the year is over and you do not want to grow a new annual planner ... Understandably. You can start your personal Chronovan Annual Planner when you like it. We've split our diary into two half-years to allow you to start your time completely individually.

How to use the chronovan system in the diary?

Each of us, no matter what latitude it is located, has arithmetically each 8 hours to portion the day into three parts. How and for what is as individual as each self. Nevertheless, the majority of all probably strives for the same goal: Use the time wisely, identify time killers to then eliminate them.
Our AP Donovan Chronovan is designed to keep a close eye on your week. Each day is presented in a circle that allows you to accurately visualize when you are experiencing what dates, how much time you need for something, and how to plan it for yourself that feels good at the end of the day. This does not mean less than your quality time. Your time to take care of things that are personally important to you or to save you time here and there by showing where it hooks. It will take a few days or even weeks to figure out where and when yours Priorities and time-wasters are. But be sure, you will find out. With the AP Donovan annual planner you have it under control.

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Chronovan 2018 July - December

Chronovan 2018 July - December

Calendar / Year planner July - December 2018 to print. Efficient time management through visualizable daily structure. Appointment calendar with weekly overview.

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