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iPhone 6 / 6S cases

In terms of design and working speed, iPhone 6 and iPhones 6S set new standards. Still, the duo is very popular due to its luxurious design and its easy handling among iPhone users. But to safely master the tasks of everyday life, to stay in touch with friends and to sink into fascinating games, an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6S also needs some protection. Our iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S cases take on this job: High-quality materials and precise workmanship protect your iPhone 6 / 6S against numerous dangers à la Bildschirmbruch & Co. and give your model an individual look.

Silicone iPhone 6 / 6S cases

Silicone protective covers are advantageous in many ways: The protective layer clings like a second skin over the smartphone, so that the handling factor is not cropped. No matter if you use an iPhone 6 or an iPhone 6S, you can take advantage of this advantage as well. Our cases are created for both the "normal" iPhone 6 and its powerful brother. The purpose of an iPhone 6 / 6S Silicone Cover is to protect it from scratches and scratches without compromising functionality: it covers the back and sides, but leaves the screen clear. So you can stylish protect the noble aluminum frame from scratches and still use the functions of the mobile phone in seconds.

Leather iPhone 6 / 6S cases

If you are in the mood for a particularly attractive protection, the handle is worth a leather iPhone 6 / 6S case. Plastic shells are simply one step ahead of natural sheaths: Leather develops its own style as it ages, yet it is resistant, as the wear of the first surface coating is a visual highlight that no machine in the world can match. Of course, also leather covers in different colors to have: No matter whether your iPhone in a colorful light to shine or decent elegance to witness - the selection of iPhone 6 / 6S leather cases is high. A nice side effect leather covers for your iPhone 6 / 6S also have in haptic terms: leather is excellent grip and nestles comfortably in the hand. This will provide you with meaningful protection for your iPhone by indirect means, as the risk of falling damage is reduced.

iPhone 6 / 6S cases as a case

Fall damage involves a fundamental risk. A range of iPhone 6 / 6S covers aims at just this danger and gives the model a "buffer zone": Bumper include the phone with multiple layers of hard rubber and absorb large forces similar to a shock absorber. However, such iPhone 6 / 6S cases are not permanently available in our assortment - here is just a browse. The same applies to our numerous iPhone 6 / 6S cases in the form of cases. These are multifunctional protective covers that can be used with integrated holders for pens, notes and cards, clever feet and clever closures. How to turn your iPhone 6 / 6S into a mobile workstation, use it freehand and last but not least protect it! Crumple zones in the cases also protect your phone against damage from falling and with a magnetic clip you can cap the screen with a protective cap, but expose it with a quick snap of your finger and still benefit from the numerous services of your iPhone.