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Accessories for men are more important than ever. Not only the women of the world are raving about very special accessories and jewelery, but also men are allowed to do so. The high-quality accessories from AP Donovan are true classics, great companions and allowed to enjoy a high-quality production. You may decide between many excellent designs. There is a selection of purse strings, ties, bow ties, scarves and caps. But you can also buy suspenders, belts or, for example, accessories such as iPhone cases or passport cases made from cowhide leather. It must be said: The different models are made of genuine leather and were traditionally made. The AP Donovan imprints are visibly captured on the models and stand for excellent quality and workmanship of all raw materials used. AP Donovan is known for innovation with style.

Leather wallets and purses for men

The purses and purses made of high-quality leather have long been a complete renewal behind him, because for a long time are no longer the coins and bills to the main means of payment, but credit cards and debit cards. For this reason, the new but still traditional purses have several compartments for cards and a money clip for bills. The coin pocket was dispensed with altogether, since the coins make the purse thick and unwieldy. In addition, you can avoid an unnecessary rumbling at the cashier. The special thing about these purses is that a card slot has been created for the most important and frequently used cards. That means you have quick access to the most important maps. The wallets are not only eye catchers, but also have a great material, with which one (s) feels comfortable.

Scarf and hat in a wool set in the same color

Also in the caps and scarves, the classic and timeless design can be found again. You can easily combine this with the simplicity of the set to any outfits. At AP Donovan the practical purpose is combined with an excellent design. Whether you wear the duo on a mountain hike or in everyday life on particularly cold days, the hat and scarf keep your body warm and look even high-quality and stylish. The fashion aspect is just as important as the actual function and that's why this connection is so important. The lucrative set is made of pure cotton, unlike many other hats or scarves, because these are often made of high-tech materials. The cotton gives warm and nestles softly against your skin. You will be protected at all times from any cold and strong wind and never freeze in winter.

Ties and bow ties with matching pocket handkerchief and cufflinks in a set

The trend is more and more to the fashionable casualness, but you do with a tie or bow tie never wrong and especially in many professions it makes more serious. A man simply makes a better impression with a suit and a bow tie. Therefore, this seriousness should not be lost. If you want to buy a tie or a bow tie, you should definitely pay attention to the color, because this must necessarily match the respective type of man. Reds or even pinks can be worn by darker skin types, while those with a blue shade can be worn by fair-skinned types. You should definitely pay attention to this, because only then can the tie shine the complexion. With the set of bow tie or tie and the matching pocket handkerchief and cufflinks you can not go wrong and are absolutely on the safe side. Color coordinated with each other, the set offers a great style. The materials are hand-sewn and consist of an easy-care texture. In addition, the material is a real eye-catcher due to the silky and shimmering sheen. The set is available in many colors for any occasion. Whatever color you choose and which one suits you is your choice, but you should be careful not to be distracted by exaggerations, such as shrill colors and patterns. Because these can quickly put on and harm the outfit more than they use. The length and width should be kept discreet. Otherwise, you have numerous options to combine your individual tie to your matching outfit.

Braces and belts made of leather

What was once worn only under the waistcoat or jackets has long been one of the chic and fashionable accessories. The suspenders namely, they are classic and can give an outfit even the special something. The belt and suspenders are both stand-alone accessories in the fashion world. The purpose of keeping the pants meets both with flying colors. A belt, for example, was already a sign of power and domination in the Middle Ages and was already considered a very masculine accessory during this time. Nowadays, they serve as a mounting option for a variety of things, such as a leather bag or a small cell phone pocket, but of course they are still masculine. Depending on your taste or well-being, you can choose between the two. The suspenders can be combined to a suit, but also a casual shirt and a pair of jeans. There is no limit to your individual style. Create your look with the high-quality belts or suspenders made of genuine leather. The material and the quality of the products make the overall picture even more radiant and give the outfit that certain eye-catcher. Functionality and fashionable look are combined with it.

iPhone and Macbook cases

The popular throughout the world smartphones or iPad models from Apple are probably indispensable. They are part of the global entertainment and telecommunications industry and bring countless people joy and significant value. The evolution and research of iPhones does not stop, more resistant designs and materials have been developed. Despite this, protective covers are needed for the all-rounders, because the danger for damage to the beloved models could not yet be prevented, despite the stability gained. So that your iPad or iPhone is prepared for everyday life, we offer high-quality cases and cases for your needs and your own individual taste. If you work with your devices every day, you will love the little extra on the cases, because they have an integrated pen holder. Your smartphone becomes an attractive and protected work tool that can be used to master your daily work. The fashionable protective covers are available for all iPhone and iPad models. So you will find the right protective case for the latest device too. The material of the covers can be purchased individually depending on the class and taste. On the one hand, there are models made of silicone, this material nestles like a second skin on the phone, avoiding scratches and any small scratches. The silicone cases are only a few grams heavy and only a few millimeters thick, so it is almost as if there were no shell and the handling factor remains. In any case, the mobile phone lies securely in the hand with the silicone case. The covers made of imitation leather give your phone a stylish and sustainable appearance. Clever closures and uncomplicated care are guaranteed with this imitation leather accessory. Last but not least there are the protective cases made of genuine leather. These are for those who pay special attention to charm and high quality material. The surface of this material is known for its stability and comfortable grip, so the smartphone can not slip out of the hands and thus reduces all fall damage. What makes the AP Donovan iPhone and iPad cases special is that they are tailored to the dimensions of the devices. Cameras as well as audio channels have been taken into account and so the cases are in the end a millimeter-accurate protection for your tools.

Passport covers made of buffalo leather, cowhide and croco leather

The genuine leather passport cases are perfect for every outfit and every look because they are of high quality and unique quality. In addition, these accessories give the wearer a certain elegance and underline the individual personality. The leathers are durable and can be an eternal companion. Also against any environmental influences, the leather arrives and is insensitive. The natural products are only tanned with vegetable oils and are free of chemical residues. The animal skin used has a sign of individuality on each case, because the material is unique and unique, as the owner himself. The passport covers are available in different variants and designs. When choosing, let your taste and your gut feel free. In passport cases, you can store your airline tickets, credit cards and ID cards and present them in a fashionable way. An unmistakable accessory on your travels around the world.
The cases offer charm and character and are all the more beautiful, if they were worn long and already show signs of wear. Because that gives the product its own character and its history. The AP Donovan products are close to nature, sustainable and always have a high-quality design. An unmistakable quality and connection to the material as well as to the production are given. Let yourself be inspired and impressed by the numerous eye-catchers and top products. A wide range of products leaves nothing to be desired and offers everything you need in your everyday life and also in the business world.