Leather wallet in brown

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Leather men's wallet

More than 2,000 years ago, there were purses to transport coins, gold or gems. Purses were then wrapped in a piece of leather, which was provided at the edge with holes and cord and the bag could be attached to a belt. Today, purses are no longer provided with a cord. One thing has remained the same: their users carry them with them all the time and actually they are needed daily. It starts when shopping in the supermarket, when paying in the restaurant or when someone should be given a business card. Of course, then you need a utensil that also gives something. The purse, which became the indispensable companion of man, always looks similar from the outside, but differs considerably in its interior.

The perfect everyday wallet

Not all exchanges have a compartment for ID or vehicle documents. Others do not have a coin pocket. Modern stock exchanges today have several chip card compartments because common documents such as ID cards, driving licenses or credit cards only have this format. A wallet is therefore completely indispensable in everyday life. Although the tastes are very different, but all products have one thing in common: They are made of leather and impress with a high quality. The longer a leather purse is in use, the more confusable it becomes. Our purse for men made of leather meets all these requirements. She has a large bill compartment for cash, but no pocket for change. Nine card slots make it possible to store driver's licenses, check and credit cards, and just about everything that is in card form today. Of course, it closes securely and clear design, ease of use and the robust material play together perfectly.

The purse for the man of today

It is ideally suited to business and meets its demand as a frequently used accessory for men. After all, men do not wear their purse hidden discreetly, but in their back pocket. For her, the stock market is not just a commodity but the icing on the cake, adding value to any outfit. Our model was created for the man of today and meets the highest demands. It convinces with its distinctive look and a long-lasting quality. The purse has great strength combined with an exclusive, elegant design. Clearly you can keep bills and the obligatory accessories for today. Simply a utensil for cash but also for cashless payments. Although credit cards, credit card sized driver passes or plastic membership cards are contemporary, this wallet is timeless. Just for men who carry all the important things you need today and want to have them ready immediately.

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Manufacturer A.P. Donovan
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Leather wallet in brown

Leather wallet in brown

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