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Special gift ideas for men

Gifts with added value, outstanding quality and impeccable functionality - the masters of creation know well how to give them pleasure. The right food for thoughtful and exclusive gifts for men is provided by AP Donovan. With a little skill, you can find essential and luxurious surprises that are truly enjoyable. There is truth in the sentence: "Sometimes it's the little things that are special!" Puristic elegance or decorative highlights - with objects of surreal shapes and practical helpers in everyday life, formative situations become memorable moments - ideal moments that are simply love or to express attention.

Gifts for men

In particular, women often find it difficult to find the right gift for a man. This is not rocket science. On the contrary: With selected products you hit the mark and make for a great surprise. Whether for a birthday, for Christmas, for an anniversary or just in between: Here you will find gifts for men who are guaranteed to arrive safely!

Special gifts for men

Luxurious surprises of excellent quality including great features make even the toughest men melt away. Gift ideas with added value deliver absolutely lasting impressions and bring joy for life. Exquisite gifts from AP Donovan provide with great skill that real men get unique gifts.

Birthday gifts for men

Finding the right gifts for real men can be a bit of a hassle. But small and above all successful attentions not only remain eternally positive in memory, they offer added value and underline the style of the recipient. The ideal birthday gifts for men do not have in common with the supposedly favorite perfume or the latest business crime in comfortable paperback format.

Christmas gifts for men

Unusual gift ideas must be original or underline the classic vein of the recipient. In addition to personalized accessories, the different characters play an essential role. Already in the run-up much is selected and weighed even better, which gift ideas for each man fit. The strong sex is quite fascinated by the idea of ​​getting real Christmas gifts for men. The only and best Christmas gift for men does not exist. A wide range of possibilities provides the right answers. Exclusive companion for everyday life in all facets and in many designs. The range of AP Donovan provides the perfect inspiration to hit the jackpot next Christmas.

Birthday gifts for men

It is sometimes not so easy to find suitable birthday gifts for men. Men like to answer questions, which would be a pleasure when the birthday is approaching. There is a need for empathy and imagination - or good friends who have previously thought about this issue and put together a special assortment to please men, like AP Donovan.

Gifts for the 60th birthday

"Well Aged" may fit exactly to the 60th Birthday, but the first thoughts about the perfect choice of an even more perfect gift rather the selection of dignified craftsmanship and old fine wines. Both in combination belong to the selective assortment of AP Donovan. Starting with the basics of enjoying a new decade can not be wrong. On the contrary - it feels right and good. If you are 60 years old, you do not need roses, you are more in need of wellness. However, to be gifted also harbors a certain potential for danger, because if the gift for the 60th is not carefully selected, it threatens the worst mood.

50th birthday gift

You want to give a family member something to celebrate his 50th birthday and give him great pleasure? Then you should immediately look on over. Here you will surely get the perfect gift for every occasion! From razors to luxury watches, you can make your loved one a great gift, which he will be satisfied for a long time.

40th birthday gifts

People of 40 years are in the prime of life. The 40th birthday is a great age that should be duly celebrated. You may soon be 40 years old, or you may have a good friend, relative, or friend who will be 40 years old in some time. You do not know exactly what to give this person? Maybe you also want to present yourself for your 40th birthday? Then we have exactly the right gifts for you to celebrate your 40th birthday. In our shop you get everything that a man at the age of 40 years can wish. Our products are pure luxury. Just the thing for people who value quality and class. Take a look today in our product range and find the perfect gift for your 40th birthday for yourself or for acquaintances, relatives and friends. We are sure that you will find exactly the right product for your claim with us.

Gifts for the 30th birthday

Buy a luxury watch now and make a special 30th birthday gift for your friends. We can offer you in our online shop very high-quality, modern, classic and elegant watches in the high price segment for the fashion-conscious gentleman or the demanding young man. Our range includes numerous luxury watches of well-known watch companies. The watches and their equipment will only meet the highest demands. In our shop we have already made a selection of specific models for you in advance. Because with us you get only the finest of the finest. Our range includes watches from the leading companies Breitling, Tag Heuer and Rolex. Especially as a gift idea, the exclusive watches are ideal. They are not only very high quality processed, but also seduce with their elegance and their incomparable design. If you choose a luxury watch as a 30th birthday gift, you have found a reliable companion for your life or that of your friend

Gifts for the 20th birthday

The 20th birthday is something very special for many young people. For the first time in your life, there is no longer one, but the two as a number in their age. Of course, this must be celebrated appropriately and hilariously. Even an exclusive present for the 20th birthday is a big highlight for many. Especially the parents, but also friends and relatives think in this time exactly what you could give the young person. Mostly it should be something that has memory value, something that accompanies and supports the young adult in his life. We have just the right product as a gift for the 20th Birthday. A luxury watch. It is timeless, a great souvenir of an exciting time and very helpful in everyday life. This gift is just perfect for young people who have their lives in front of them and want to make this life a high standard.

Gifts for the 18th birthday

If you have the 18th birthday of a well-known and loved one at your doorstep and do not really know what you should give the person, you should definitely visit the website "". There are many things that would give the person great pleasure. From razors to luxury watches, everything is there that makes a gift from the heart.

Christmas gifts for the friend

What could be better than spending Christmas with friends and family, having a nice and contemplative time and having fun with your loved ones. Yes, the Christmas days are a very special time of the year, to which one always likes to remember. Do something good for yourself and your friends these days. Gift each other. What could be better than making a great Christmas present to a friend? One that he will always like to remember. We have exactly the right thing for you and your friend. A luxury watch from Rolex, Breitling or Tag Heuer. With an exclusive watch from the name of the well-known companies you have just the right gift for a person who you are very close. This closeness can be expressed very well with a gift in the form of a luxurious watch

Valentine's Day Gifts

What do I give to a man? Even men are happy about a surprise that comes from the heart. What matters is not how much you invest financially, but what thoughts you have about your husband and his preferences. Work, independence and sport characterize many men. This is worth rewarding. But also things of daily life are suitable for exploring the world of men and thus gaining insight.

Gifts for brothers

A brother is a true companion in life for many people. One who looks after you and whom you can trust. Do you have a brother like that? You may have wondered how best to thank the many things your brother has experienced with you. Maybe he has helped you in difficult days, has supported you in the most diverse life tasks and always believed in you. Make a mark and thank you in the form of a present. A gift that will always be remembered, that always reminds your brother of you and that can be used everyday. We have just the right present for you and your brother. A luxury watch from the leading manufacturers in the market. Such a watch is reliable, valuable and a great companion on every occasion, just as a brother should be.

Birthday presents for the friend

You are invited to a birthday party? You do not know exactly what to give your friend? You only know one thing, your friend loves luxury and timeless gifts. Then we have just the right product for you. A luxury watch of the extra class. Luxury watches are very good birthday gifts for friend and family. In our shop you can find a large selection of different watches in the high price segment. Just right for a friend who you want to express your attachment and appreciation. The watches in our shop are therefore very well suited as gifts for friends. Our products have been selected very well in advance. So you do not have the trouble to make your own preselection. In our shop you will find only the products that are the top of the current models in terms of quality and design. So go ahead and pick your watch model on AP Donovan today.

Christmas gifts for men

From the noble razor to the hip pipe to the elegant wristwatch by Breitling: In this shop there are Christmas gifts for men in abundance. Her classic style makes her the favorite present under the Christmas tree. At the same time, they have great benefits, which is why these gift ideas for men will continue to inspire for years to come. Surf through the wide range of offers and order easily and safely the gift for a friend, father, husband or brother, which guarantees guaranteed joy.

Gifts for dads

A gift for the father should always be something special. Because a dad is a very special person in the family and also in the eyes of the children and his wife. He does a lot and gives a lot of himself. Because of this, there are many children who want to give something back to their fathers, but may not always know what that can and should be. In our shop you have a large selection of different gifts for fathers. We can offer you very good and high quality products here. Be it luxury watches, tobacco pipes or even products made of leather or for a good shave. With us you will certainly find something. One thing you should know, however, is what your dad is interested in and which product could make him really happy. We are convinced that you will definitely find it here with us.

Gift ideas for men

Finding a gift for the fine gentleman is not easy for many ladies. What does the modern man want today? What should the gift look like and what purpose should it fulfill? We can tell you! A gift for the luxury-loving gentleman should be one thing above all else. Valuable and practical at the same time. Exactly such products can be purchased from us in the shop Just take a look at our website. You will find here great, valuable products with style for the special man. Especially the man who thinks of something, will be very satisfied with the products of So go ahead, look for a great gift idea for men today and take a look at our products. Our product selection is very varied and precisely selected. In our shop, you get one thing above all else, luxury products worthy of being given to a special person.

Gift ideas for the friend

Your friend does a lot in his job and of course expects high performance from other people, from you and from the things he surrounds himself with. The extraordinary attracts the extraordinary. Those who fulfill high professional standards are hardly willing to settle for irrelevance in private life, but seek individuality as an expression of their personality. AP Donovan offers in its assortment a collection of gift ideas for your friend that is attuned to the personality image of men with individual needs.

Gift ideas for men

What in the ladies' world flowers, does not outshine the men's world with colorful colors, but rather with great designs and outstanding functions in everyday rituals. To celebrate the latter with attractively designed products makes sense for real men. In this regard, AP Donovan supports any masculine idea of ​​a perfect blade cut, as well as, for example, an optimally designed business bag made of genuine leather. Fascinating gift ideas for men are a great challenge that we like to face. We combine practical companions with useful everyday helpers and offer exceptional designs for the hottest lifestyle of the man. Suitable gifts for men, father, brother or grandfather also depend on the character of each man.

A Father's Day gift

For the best dad in the world, who is grateful to his father for his understanding, pampering, indefatigable care, love and humor, and for always being there for his children, should not just show him once a year. But Father's Day is a great opportunity for a Father's Day gift that shows that his child was thinking about Father's Day gift that does not look like a last-minute idea. The shop of offers plenty of great gift ideas, with which everyone can surprise their father, on the man's day.

Gifts for men who have everything

It does not always apply to the general clichés for men like drinking beer, watching football and being interested in cars. What if you think man already has everything anyway? Ask yourself what you want to reward and what you are grateful to a man for. What are the preferences and strengths that you can support? But even things that look almost like everyday objects, but they are not, can do men good and support their commitment in all parts of life.

Gift ideas for brothers

At AP Donovan you'll find luxurious gift ideas for brothers, from leather bags and whiskey carafes to luxury watches and shaving kits