Gifts for the 50th birthday 

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They are planning a party and are looking for gifts for friend or husband. Then the shop has just the right products for a great surprise party. Here you will find very high-quality goods in the high price segment for the discerning man who thinks something of himself and who is very important to luxury products. At we have made it our mission to offer luxury products to our customers, as we are happy to meet the high standards. If you are looking for a great surprise and gifts for friends and men, then we are convinced that they can be found in our shop in any case. Just look at us.

Gifts for the 50th - great watches

Here you will find very high-quality, modern watches of well-known watch manufacturers. If you know the watch brands Breitlingen, TAG Heuer and Rolex, then you will definitely find it in our shop We can offer you very high quality watch models for every brand. There are no wishes left. If you want to make gifts for friends and men that will stay in your memory for a long time, then with a luxury watch you have found just the right product for the discerning man. The watches are all very high quality, made from the best materials, waterproof and a real eye-catcher. Be it jeans with a shirt or an elegant suit. The watches decorate the man with every outfit.

Luxurious Razor - Now Find 50th Birthday Gift

The exclusive razor knives that we can offer you are very popular with our customers and are also highly appreciated by the men. They are made of a high quality material, sharpened and very accurate in the application. In addition, they have a great grip from a high quality wood and are therefore very nice to look at. Exactly the right product for a man who attaches great importance to a good care and also here the products for daily care are very important.

Leather goods and notepads - the right gift for your friend or husband

A great bag or a nice notebook for a friend's birthday is not only very practical, but also visually very nice to look at. In our shop you get a lot of different products, which are very suitable as a present for your birthday. Especially men who need a great bag every day are very well equipped with our products. The leather is made of the best material and therefore very robust and stable. Because the bags and notepads are not only pure luxury, but also for daily use an optimal companion. For the fashion-conscious man, this is of course an ideal gift for a birthday or other special event. Just look around us, we are sure that you will find the perfect gift for a friend and a man.