Special gift ideas for men 

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From the design lover to the gentleman or workaholic - the individuality she describes underlines her taste, her charisma. Beautiful gift ideas such as high-quality ties, hand-crafted Weekender or a masculine razor with real finishing touch, they all seduce as a stylish present for true personalities.

Individual and sophisticated gift ideas

The more personal a gift, the more natural the joy of the recipient. The recipient usually meets with his character already unconscious essential preliminary decisions of the buyer. What hobbies does he have? What enjoyable moments does he like to share? Is he cognac or whiskey affine? Does he love idiosyncratic designs or real manual work? Many considerations that ultimately make it easy to find an ideal gift for men who already have everything.
Practical damask knives, custom-made razors with sharpest blades, real hair shaving brushes and hand-made pipes made of the highest quality materials - the list is long and the fascinating range of AP Donovan convincing. Nowhere else is there such a large number of different gift variations with style & class. Stitched pockets made of buffalo leather, whose masculine touch is hard to miss, provide perfect eyecatchers for all who see

Connoisseurs and rituals

Finding inspiration for the perfect gift and doing without cheesy touch are the challenges in choosing the right gift idea. There are many occasions for giving, but how can you surprise your husband with style and style? On Christmas or birthday, fathers-to-be, husbands and brothers are welcome recipients of sophisticated, taste-filled gifts. But as completely different as each one of them is, their gifts are multi-faceted, exclusive and individual.
AP Donovan makes it easy for discerning ladies to find the perfect gifts for their equally successful men. Noble carafes for pleasurable moments, which are perfectly timeless for the masculine home bar and thereby bring the noble drop to advantage or luxury watches whose gloss on the wrist hardly anyone escaped.
Especially after exhausting work days to finish, as well as the reflection are these wonderful gift ideas and the gifted comes entirely at his own expense. A solid ritual can emerge from it and the special moments are sure of it. The exclusive impressions of handcrafted decanters, decanters and glasses are timelessly modern. Such a gift stays in the memory of men.

Style and design for everyday life

Distinctive gifts create lasting impressions. The great gift ideas from AP Donovan range from practical and business-ready leather bags to all utensils that men need for a perfect shave and the appropriate styling of their hair. With all the products the senses of the man are addressed - the smell of new leather goods or the optimal handling of the new razor - the little things of everyday life are the real extravagant gifts for real men.
But above all, luxury watches and correspondingly exclusive accessories ensure admiration. Whoever is the happy recipient of our great selection of gifts, this luxury treat themselves both own men, colleagues, brothers, fathers-in-law or bosses. Presenting them with a gift that is testament to style and creativity ensures memorable moments for those who already have everything and say of themselves that they no longer need anything.