Straight Razor with Strop 

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"Sssssst, Sssssst, Sssssst ..." And? Does that sound familiar? If so, you can sit back and relax. Already a member of the Inner Circle. If not, read on. Here you can learn how this sound can enrich your life.

Looking at the historical development of the changing fashion beard again as wave motion, it can be stated: the moment, Barträger are on the crest of a wave trend that still rolls forward unabated. The last big wave of this type was observed in the late 1960s and early '70ern. But unlike then, the beard is not a signal of an attitude of protest more nowadays. Rather, it is an expression of a rediscovered masculinity that would like a (beard) hair of the gender debate victim. Phew! Just again gone well.

The second major difference in Bart comparison of then now is: The beard of this millennium is maintained. Sprawl is completely out. What does this have to do with sound? Patience - a good story needs time to grow. Just like a beard, which brings us back to the subject. To summarize: The beards of today is a statement from per masculinity and he maintains his beard. At one point he needs attitude to point two the right equipment. The attitude we assume, otherwise you would not be here. The right equipment we hold for you.

Each Barträger with experience and sense of style know that for accurate shaving of the beard contours a razor is the tool of choice. No system razor with replaceable blades allows such precise cuts. On the missing style factor we do not want to go into that is obvious.

The razor of AP Donovan offer everything really good tools distinguished: High-quality blade made from extremely hard japanese steel, noble handle woods and sleek design. Our razor experts put their craftsmanship ments and concentrated expertise in the fabrication of each knife. All operations are subject to a "razor-sharp" quality control. The only way to guarantee that at the end of a razor arises, the blade of which bears the applied via gold etching lettering "APDonovan" rightly.

Good tool needs good care. And finally the sound comes into play: "Sssssst ..." is of course a sound made on the leather straps when pulling off the razor. In every shave occur at the cutting edge, the cutting part of the razor blade, fine burrs in the micrometer range. These need to be removed before shaving by subtracting on the leather straps. The AP Donovan Strop is on one side of Kazakh cow leather top quality. The back is made of sturdy, durable canvas. A detailed and illustrated instructions for proper removal of the knife can be found in our "customers want to know." Welcome to the world of APDonovan: Here a flattering ears "Sssssst ..." in pure anticipation turns to a perfect shave.