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In the past, shaving was a real privilege; today it is part of everyday body care for most men. It does not shave immediately shave, depending on the method and tools, there are big differences. By using a classic razor , "man" can go on a real journey back in time. Although the beginning is difficult and the use of a razor requires some practice and skill, the original style of shaving has many advantages.

While the knife glides over the skin without resistance, neither stubble nor skin irritations remain. The stainless razors by AP Donovan leave nothing but smooth skin and a neat appearance. The constant purchase of replacement blades is a thing of the past. With the help of special leather straps or grindstones the knives can be reground. If you prefer to leave your razor to the professional, you can take advantage of AP Donovan's 5-year sharpening service.

All in all, AP Donovan razors provide a perfect, original and just male shave. The knives are made of a hard Japanese steel , the wooden handles are perfectly in the hand. An elegant but minimalist design completes the benefits of razors perfectly.

Razor with strop - so the razor blade stays sharp!

The razors from the house AP Donovan are ideal for a perfect shave. So that the knives stay sharp even after shaving and stress and provide nothing but nice smooth skin, the blades must be maintained accordingly. With the help of the strop, fine bumps and burrs are removed to the blade, the knife is sharpened and is quickly ready for use again. Our razor leather and strop straps are crafted on one side from Kazakh cow leather in the highest quality, the other side is made from a durable canvas fabric for repolishing . Sharpening a razor with a pull-off belt makes the blade sharper, making shaving even more efficient. AP Donovan also shows you how to properly pull off your knife.

Razor set

Razors help to redefine and discover masculinity. Additional shaving accessories ideally complement the original shave. The practical razor sets deliver everything into the house, which requires a perfect shave. In addition to the razor and strop, the sets include a shaving brush and a herbal shaving soap . Everything packed in a practical and hygienic storage box. Back to the past for an innovative future - with AP Donovan razor sets , every shave becomes a very special care ritual.

Shaving soap, razor sharpening stone and more - the right shave accessory!

Back to the shave of our ancestors, original and just male. It also means lathering the shaving cream properly with a shaving brush for wet shaving , sharpening the blade with a whetstone or using a shaving soap for the perfect shaving result. Razor as the safety variant to the classic razor, appropriate oils for the razor blade and practical storage boxes the range of accessories complete. A shave with a razor requires practice and skill, and of course only succeeds with the right and suitable accessories. AP Donovan delivers everything perfectly coordinated and from a single source. High-quality products promise a good and satisfactory result.

Beard scissors and barber scissors

While many men prefer a smooth facial skin, others also like to grow a beard. But even a beautiful beard needs to be cared for in order to look neat. Beard scissors are perfect for restoring the beard's structure. True to the motto " Even the man is ", this can now create scissors and cut his beard individually and get in shape . Hairdressing scissors are also included in AP Donovan's assortment. Back-to-the-roots is for the man of the world when he also cuts and hair-cuts his head hair using the do-it-yourself process. And since all beginnings are difficult, you will find the appropriate tutorials around beard care in our blog section.

Ready for shaving with the razor? No problem with AP Donovan!

Granted, shaving with a traditional razor requires patience, craftsmanship and, of course, a little practice. But once you have the momentum out, you can benefit from the many advantages of this method. The skin remains free from irritation and is particularly smooth thanks to the resistance-free sliding of the blades . Razors from the house of AP Donovan are a purchase for life and are perfectly complemented by the matching accessories. In combination with leather straps, shaving brush, shaving soap or oils an absolutely successful combination of top quality products and workmanship. If a man is still a real man and the way of life of the ancestors in the future should not be lost, classic razors are a real must. An innovative and at the same time original shave that convinces all along the line. Back to the roots with AP Donovan, a good shave is no longer a privilege.