The history of shaving with a razor can be in Europe to the Middle Bronze Age (16th century BC. Chr.) Traced. At that time the shave was a privilege that only the heads of families and women was the aristocracy reserved. In grave goods this time Razors have been found in bronze and copper.

In the Roman Empire was the custom of shaving from 300 v. Chr. Known, but was not far from the everyday practice of personal hygiene. Only with the establishment of the barber craft in the... More...

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The history of shaving with a razor can be in Europe to the Middle Bronze Age (16th century BC. Chr.) Traced. At that time the shave was a privilege that only the heads of families and women was the aristocracy reserved. In grave goods this time Razors have been found in bronze and copper.

In the Roman Empire was the custom of shaving from 300 v. Chr. Known, but was not far from the everyday practice of personal hygiene. Only with the establishment of the barber craft in the 14th century was the shave more widely used. At this time, the use of shaving cream was still unknown, put the shaving is a painful procedure. In the early modern period of the 16th and 17th century, the importance of the razor was determined by the rapidly changing fashion beard.

Middle of the 18th century brought about the development of very hard steel cast a quantum leap in the production of high-quality razor. Manufactured from this new material blades were extremely sharp and cutting properties. As a result, the self-shaving increasingly prevailed.

From the 19th century razors were manufactured in series production. Dominate the market here were primarily blades from Solingen, Sheffield and the French space. In Germany, the barber industry experienced at the end of the 19th century, a boom, as well as beard is left smooth shave parts of your face.

In the first half of the 20th century developed by Gilette razor with replaceable blades began to displace the razor. The invention of the electric dry shaver after the end of World War II meant more competition for the traditional razor.

Nowadays, the field of wet shaving razors system is dominated with interchangeable disposable blades that have pushed back the classic straight razor in a niche.

Razor for the change of heart

"A throwback can also be a step forward!" Can you melt in this aphorism thoroughly once on the tongue, a whole new view of the world revealed. What is commonly referred to as progress, often ends in a self-alienation of people and it increasingly removed from the actual core of things. A return to traditional values ​​can mean a turning point here. The handle to the classic razor can therefore be a sign against the hectic zeitgeist. "Man" takes a break, observed a decelerated care pause that belongs only to him and his well-being. A ritual of the senses.

Redefined masculinity

The effects of the so-called progress on the prevailing image of men subject to the zeitgeist. It is not so long ago that the urban metrosexual man seemed to belong to the future. Masculinity was out and was rated as a relic of a macho society. This section of the society dictates tends fortunately to an end. To be a man, with all the associated male attributes, is socially acceptable again.

The new "characteristicum masculine"

The most striking indicator of this development is the new trend for beard. The beard as the epitome of modern masculinity. Actors, musicians and men's models wear their beards as a shield against the growing androgyny of the urban man. In particular, the three-day beard is a symbol of adventure and individuality. The carrier signals: I'm a man and in the urban jungle as much at home as in the wild! Coupled with this "back to the roots" feeling is the desire for a well-groomed appearance. But make personal style with just any system shaver? Inconceivable! From the complete shave up to the precise contouring and shaving of a quality razor delivers the best results. Experience the moment of shaving as a counterpoint to the hectic life. In which the visual and tactile aesthetics of shaving brush and razor determine an oasis the charm of the moment. Treat yourself to this stylish spa break for the care of your manhood.


  • Straight Razor with Strop

    "Sssssst, Sssssst, Sssssst ..." And? Does that sound familiar? If so, you can sit back and relax. Already a member of the Inner Circle. If not, read on. Here you can learn how this sound can enrich your life.

    Looking at the historical development of the changing fashion beard again as wave motion, it can be stated: the moment, Barträger are on the crest of a wave trend that still rolls forward unabated. The last big wave of this type was observed in the late 1960s and early '70ern. But unlike then, the beard is not a signal of an attitude of protest more nowadays. Rather, it is an expression of a rediscovered masculinity that would like a (beard) hair of the gender debate victim. Phew! Just again gone well.

    The second major difference in Bart comparison of then now is: The beard of this millennium is maintained. Sprawl is completely out. What does this have to do with sound? Patience - a good story needs time to grow. Just like a beard, which brings us back to the subject. To summarize: The beards of today is a statement from per masculinity and he maintains his beard. At one point he needs attitude to point two the right equipment. The attitude we assume, otherwise you would not be here. The right equipment we hold for you.

    Each Barträger with experience and sense of style know that for accurate shaving of the beard contours a razor is the tool of choice. No system razor with replaceable blades allows such precise cuts. On the missing style factor we do not want to go into that is obvious.

    The razor of AP Donovan offer everything really good tools distinguished: High-quality blade made from extremely hard japanese steel, noble handle woods and sleek design. Our razor experts put their craftsmanship ments and concentrated expertise in the fabrication of each knife. All operations are subject to a "razor-sharp" quality control. The only way to guarantee that at the end of a razor arises, the blade of which bears the applied via gold etching lettering "APDonovan" rightly.

    Good tool needs good care. And finally the sound comes into play: "Sssssst ..." is of course a sound made on the leather straps when pulling off the razor. In every shave occur at the cutting edge, the cutting part of the razor blade, fine burrs in the micrometer range. These need to be removed before shaving by subtracting on the leather straps. The AP Donovan Strop is on one side of Kazakh cow leather top quality. The back is made of sturdy, durable canvas. A detailed and illustrated instructions for proper removal of the knife can be found in our "customers want to know." Welcome to the world of APDonovan: Here a flattering ears "Sssssst ..." in pure anticipation turns to a perfect shave.

  • Straight Razor with...

    A known dating site conducted a survey of 400 women. Topic: The beard and his influence on the attractiveness of the man. The result will encourage all bearded. Proud 45 percent of women surveyed to find a three-day beard sexy and nevertheless still 9 percent are on full beards. Only one-fifth, or 20 percent, prefer clean-shaven men. However, the preference for people with beard in all women was linked to a condition: Cultivated it must be the male face jewelry. The decades ago so popular sprawl is categorically rejected by the majority of women. This is the cue ball on the male half, Doth the man his beard properly, it makes it more attractive to women. So simply can draw the logical conclusion.

    Thus it is as easy to put this conclusion in the fact, there is the new offer by AP Donovan: A high-quality razor including a bottle of shaving oil and a strop leather. This will give you speak the hardware of their beard care equipment. For what software you decide is up to your personal preference. We recommend you our care duo from deeply effective shampoo Bart and Bart glättendem oil.

    But back to our offer: Each AP Donovan Razor is made in our factory by experienced professionals crafted. Our high quality standards ensure that only technically and optically flawless razor make their way to you. For the blade-manufacturing Japanese carbon steels are used with a hardness of up to 64 Rockwell: The best condition for the proverbial razor sharpness and endurance of the blade. To ensure the maximum sharpness of the razor on time, it must be withdrawn from Kazakh cow before shaving on the enclosed straps. A detailed and illustrated instructions, see "Pull Razor" in our blog post. Depending on the model handles our razor from fine woods or durable plastic are produced. For safe storage razor a decorative box made of real wood is supplied.

    While even whipped shaving cream is the drug of choice for the complete shave as before, lends itself to contour care beard shaving. Why? The explanation is simple: Shaving prevented literally the necessary clarity. When shaving of the contours of a beard but it is very important to see exactly where the line runs beard. The AP Donovan shaving oil is transparent, thereby allowing the highest possible precision in the cut. The application is very simple: The shaving is applied sparingly in outline region of the beard and rubbed with the fingers. The fine film of oil the razor slides quasi "smoothly" through the skin and removed the soaked whiskers exactly where you want it. AP Donovan: beard trimming with the necessary clarity.

  • Straight Razor for...

    As it was previously called so beautiful in advertising? Needs three things the man: fire, whistle ... we do not need to mention the rest, the slogan should be well known. We asked ourselves, what a man needs today, and this old advertising wisdom missed a contemporary update. The times in which the male personal care was limited to the washing of the horse trough, are finally over. The Wild West is cultured and the modern cowboys herding equity fund instead of cows. But at the same place for a return to traditional values ​​instead: Noble chronograph instead of quartz and leather instead of nylon.

    The same is true for shaving. Here the trend was until recently observed for saving time: A growing number of blades in the changing minds of system shaver promised ever faster shave - from Mach 2 was Mach 3 and 4 and so on. By the way: Did you know that "Do" is the measure of the speed of sound? Fortunately, this speed mania is now slowed down from the counter-trend of deceleration. It feels good to get a little more Zen in their own lives, and to experience things deliberately. To shave, this means: Fast shaving was yesterday, today is Thoughtful Grooming the benchmark. Care of body and mind as inseparable symbiosis. Sounds good, see? Then we have the right equipment for your personal speed change.

    As already mentioned: Three things man needs ... Our Razor Starter Set consists of a high-quality handmade razor handgesiedeter shaving soap and a shaving brush also handcrafted with genuine badger hair. You will have noticed: In the last sentence appeared the word "hand" disproportionately on. This is because we put the main focus on the manual production of our products. Quality means to us: From the hands of our professionals right in your hand. In the manufacture of razor blades in our manufactory Japanese carbon steels come with a hardness of up to 64 Rockwell used. Maximum hardness is the basic prerequisite for maximum sharpness. exist depending on the model handles made of fine wood or durable plastic, because: The life of a good razor is calculated not in years but in generations.

    Of course, come for our shaving only badger hair question. They have the ideal consistency for pitching and distributing a creamy and fine-pored shaving cream. When shaving we opted for a modern variant, because it is energy efficient and resource-saving. For Serving the foam no shell is required - you can work with the shaving brush directly in the can. After shaving is screwed back onto the box just the lid. The remaining foam residue regress and can be used in the next shave. Traditional shaving on the amount of time: AP Donovan makes it possible.

  • Straight razor sets
    A good razor recognized by the fact that it lasts a lifetime. For this purpose, it must also be well maintained and well treated. Our sets include a strop which is used for stropping the blade before shaving. For safe storage, we supply the H. P. Donovan Razor always a decorative and useful wooden box. The basic equipment is one of the pure badger shaving brush and a good shaving soap plant-based.
  • Straight Razor with...
  • Scissors

    They are tired, let every six to eight weeks a pretty penny at the hairdresser? And this refers to not only the exorbitant prices of self-proclaimed celebrity hairdressers. The costs for the regular visit to the Cut & Go Barber add up over time. From the quality of such Oops Hopp deals to mention. Therefore, more and more people are thinking about the time-honored Do-it-yourself method and copy for their own scissors. On the Internet there are countless videos that give instructions for the DIY haircut. This trend fits perfectly with the widespread desire to live our life the feeling of back-to-the-roots back more. It is not so long ago, there was a good hair cutting scissors a fixture of every household.

  • Safety Razor
  • Straight razor...
    If you already shave in a traditional way, then properly. This includes the foaming of shaving with a classic shaving brush. The razor should naturally be deducted at a befitting leather straps. After shaving even a little oil on the blade and finished shaving. Here you will find the necessary accessories to perform the shave properly.
  • shaving Accessories