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Do you want to cut your hair yourself so you do not constantly leave a lot of money with the hairdresser and lose time? Then the hairdressing scissors from AP Donovan are just right for you. Take your haircut into your own hand or even your loved one's. Since there are numerous versions of different scissors, you will be presented here the most important models. Because the material, the handling and also the blades play an absolutely important role in the way of working and in the end result. Some points must be noted so that you can find the right pair of scissors. For some, the benefits of a pair of scissors may be more of a disadvantage or vice versa. That's why it's so important to inquire in advance and be satisfied with the chosen model. For the perfect start to reinvent your hairstyle or simply to keep in shape, nothing stands in the way.

Professional hair scissors in sizes 5 / 5.5 / 6 and 6.5 inches

The professional hair scissors are available in different sizes. The size 5 inches is considered high-quality beard scissors made of stainless steel, which promises a pleasant application and thus also an optimal beard care. The contours can be precisely shaped and the beard trimmed with the quality and sharpness to your requirements. A well-groomed appearance is guaranteed. With the hair scissors in the size of 5.5 inches professional hairdressers as well as private individuals can cut the hair with the highest precision and create an individual hairstyle that flatters your face. This barber scissors is made of stainless steel and offers easy handling. The size 6 inches has a special feature, because this has an ergonomic grip position, which leads to a relief of the muscles of the arms and the neck when cutting. In addition, the hair scissors by a flat cutting angle has an optimal sharpness. The scissors 6.5 inches promises a distinctive result, because it can conjure a new style or simply quickly the pony be corrected. The stainless steel gives her a long life, so the owner has a lot of fun with it. In addition, this professional instrument hair damage can be avoided, because the hair can be smooth and precisely separated at the desired location. All scissors are available in a noble black, silver or a damask look. Which model you choose remains your choice.

Thinning scissors made of hardened silver steel or black coated

The thinning scissors, unlike the normal hairdressing scissors, are equipped with small teeth on both sides. With these teeth, the hair can be thinned optimally. The actual cut remains but only the volume is smaller. Thinning scissors should be used for thicker hair in particular, because heavy and thick hair disturbs the natural proportions and can often be badly styled. Therefore, the thinning scissors help to adjust the hair to the rest of the body. The high-quality scissors are available in a silver steel or in a coated black, both models look very noble and are stainless.

Hairdressing scissors made of damascus steel

The Damascus steel gives the barber scissors an extreme sharpness and ensures a soft cut. In addition, it is extremely robust and resilient. The Damascus steel also called Damascus, is a rare and exotic material. Here, two steel alloys are repeatedly folded and mixed to have the final result of a high-purity metal structure. A strong resistance and elasticity are given. This high-quality pair of scissors offers a unique way of working and guarantees a clean cut.

Scissors up to 7 inches

In contrast to the thinning scissors, the modeling scissors are only toothed on one side and have a second scissor blade which is smooth. This pair of scissors is used to thin out the hair, but more so to model the basic haircut. Mostly it comes into the employment, if the transitions in stepped haircuts should be designed naturally. In addition, fringe hairstyles can be optimally designed. A modeling scissors is easy to handle and can therefore be precisely guided. The scissor blades should always be well sanded, this is the only way to guarantee optimal work. The modeling scissors are available up to the size of 7 inches, this size corresponds for example to 18 cm. Whether you prefer to cut with a larger or smaller version is up to you.

Barber scissors set with matching comb

The scissors set with the matching comb is of very high quality and noble in the processing. A timeless design makes the set a true classic. The scissors are made of stainless steel and hand-ground, which allows an ideal grip in the hand. The comb gives the skin a soothing massage through its rounded teeth. This set is great as a travel companion or as a gift idea for the loved ones. AP Donovan has an experience of more than 100 years and you will certainly notice this in the processing and production of the products.

Especially handy beard scissors in 4 inch size

The beard scissors in the size 4 inches is particularly handy due to the approx. 10 cm length. The cut of the scissors is usually a micro-toothing. This tool for the beard makes it possible to cut very finely and to shape the beard or mustache. It also prevents the full beard or mustache from looking artificially cut, as this can often be the case with a beard trimmer or hair clipper. With this beard scissors your beard can be excellently shortened and trimmed. A styled and shaped beard will add to your look. The cutting surface of approx. 4.5 cm simplifies cutting enormously and can therefore not only be used by professionals. The stainless steel makes the tool durable even with frequent use.

Professional hairdresser and barber scissors

The professional hairdressing scissors have extremely sharp blades, these are usually made of 100% stainless steel and have an adjustable clamping screw, because this mechanism allows a seamless adjustment to the scissors. These hairdressing scissors are made for a very precise finish and make a perfect haircut. Often, hair clippers are used in Barber shops or high-quality blade knives, for example, to shorten the beard. The hair clippers usually have special cutting sets, which bring the hair in shape. The barbers can implement with their tools men's haircuts and shaving in perfection. Therefore, the scissors, knives and hair clippers are of high quality and also very traditional. It is not for nothing that they are called king tools. Also good to know: The high-quality professional scissors avoid split ends, which can otherwise occur with other cheap scissors. Likewise, these precise tools allow the best possible adjustment of the scissors shape in the hand. So the scissors can still be held in the hand even after several hours of work.

Quality feature ball bearings, rather than cheaper sockets

High-quality barber scissors have a built-in ball bearing for perfect accessibility. The scissors cut almost by themselves. It also guarantees incredible durability. You will notice that there will be almost no more wear. The tailoring experience gets more light weight and goes effortlessly from the hand. A ball bearing reduces any frictional resistance. So if you want to get a high-quality and durable pair of scissors you should make sure that it has a ball bearing.

Interesting to know:

The first pair of scissors in history were two knife blades that were connected at the end. However, this was completely impractical, because you had to hold the scissors with two hands, an easy way of working is something else. The scissors were called "Endgelenkschere" because they had no grip on the scissors, but only the joint was found at the end of the blades. Only in the time of blacksmithing were similar scissors as today's barber scissors built and forged from iron. The year 1000 AD was considered the culmination of scissors development, because at that time there were already a variety of scissors for numerous applications. Scissors, scissors to shear the animals or even scissors to cut the hair. The hairdressing scissors are in contrast to the old scissors real high-tech tools. The materials and the shape have been developed through many years of development, and yet research and development is continuing as this art is to be further developed. The way of working should be even easier, because after all the scissors are the most important tools of the hairdressers and also those who want to lend a hand at home.

Tips for cleaning:

To keep your hair trimmer as long as possible, you should make sure to clean it regularly. After each use, it is best to pick up a cloth and remove dust, dirt and hair from the scissors. However, if there are paint residues or the like on the scissors, it is essential to clean them with lukewarm water and if necessary with a cleaning agent for stainless steel. Likewise, re-oiling is part of regular cleaning. Finally, the functionality should not be compromised, only in this way one achieves an optimal cutting result at all times. Just sprinkle a few drops of a special scissors oil on the aisle again and open and close the scissors a few times so that the oil can spread. The cleaning should not be forgotten, because this is especially important, so that the scissors after a long time still works as in the first application.