iphone 7 Plus Case made of transparent silicone

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A.P. Donovan

Optimal protection for the iPhone 7 Plus

This one-piece protective case is made of soft silicone and protects the iPhone 7 Plus from external damage, such as scratches. In case of a fall, the silicone has a cushioning effect and protects the iPhone 7 Plus. The soft feel of the silicone makes itself particularly good in the hand and offers maximum comfort in the operation of the smartphone. The protective case made of transparent silicone for the iPhone 7 Plus can be put on in no time. It lies almost like a second skin quite accurately on the iPhone 7 Plus. It is just as easy to remove it to clean the iPhone 7 Plus or insert the SIM card.

Comfortable operation is guaranteed, despite the protective cover

Clever cut-outs on the silicone and outward-arching sections ensure optimum operation of your iPhone 7 Plus with maximum protection. The buttons can be operated very well, while the camera and the power connector with this transparent silicone case for the iPhone 7 Plus are extra recessed. The accurate production including cutouts and outward-arching games makes this silicone case only compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Plu case in clear, minimalist design for a high-quality look

The transparent silicone case for the iPhone 7 Plus does not hide the design of the smartphone but adds up with it an overall, high-quality look. The colorless design of the transparent case blends so perfectly with any smartphone model in the series iPhone 7 Plus. The statement sits subtly on the back of the transparent silicone case and maintains the clear line of the smartphone model. Nevertheless, the iPhone 7 Plus with this protective cover made of transparent silicone gets an individual look, which is made especially for real Alpha men. The half portrait next to the text statement shows a man with a fashionable haircut, glasses and beard, very much in the image of a real alpha man.

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Manufacturer A.P. Donovan
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iphone 7 Plus Case made of transparent silicone

iphone 7 Plus Case made of transparent silicone

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