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On 19 September 1991, a glacier mummy was discovered in the area of ​​the Ötztal Alps in South Tyrol. The age of the male corpse, well preserved by lyophilization, was estimated at approximately 5,250 years. Accordingly, the man lived in the late Neolithic, or mideolithic. This find was sent as a sensational news by the press. After all, the mummy later known as "Ötzi" was the only one of its kind in Central Europe.

Ötzi provided study material for countless scientists of all disciplines. But why is he mentioned here? The answer lies in his clothes! At this point, the bow spans the topic of "leather goods". Ötzi's clothes, shoes and cap consisted of different kinds of leather tanned with fat and smoke.

Already in the Stone Age people appreciated leather. Back then used as a protection against moisture and injury, the distinctive natural material has since made impressive history. Today, leather items are a natural, reliable quality and a touch of luxury. But what makes the special properties of leather actually? How does this unique material come about?

Small leather product information

At first glance, a piece of leather seems to consist of a single layer. But the impression is deceptive. The untreated animal skin is composed of three layers: the subcutaneous tissue, the dermis and the epidermis. From the so-called corium (the dermis), the commercially available leather is obtained. Again, this layer is composed of two separate layers: the outer papillary layer with mostly smooth to slightly scarred texture and the inner reticular layer with coarser fibers. Depending on the further intended use of the leather, it is split into these layers. From the resulting split leather, the most diverse products can be produced.

The smoother epidermis is processed in various steps to leather of the highest quality. This mostly very supple leather is effectively protected from dirt and moisture by the treatment. It is mainly used in the manufacture of bags, shoes and clothing.

Animal diversity

Many everyday products are made of sturdy pork and cowhide. It is a by-product of food production and is therefore readily available and inexpensive. Thanks to its high durability, it is often used as shoe leather.

For luxurious leather products, such as gloves, bags and fashion accessories, goat or calf leather is usually used. Despite their high strength, these types of leather are characterized by their special smoothness and even surface texture.

Goats are native to many regions of the world. With 8 to 10% of world leather production, goatskin comes third after beef and sheep leather. In contrast to sheep leather it has no fat deposits and is therefore more resistant and lighter at the same time.

Calf leather is usually of South American or European origin. By definition, it comes from the cattle of the cattle less than one year old and weighing less than 150 kilograms. It is characterized by a solid and uniform structure and is considered particularly high quality.

From animal skin to leather

Tanning is the most important process in the production of leather. During Ötzi's lifetime, the raw animal skin was preserved by treatment with fat and smoke. This was the original form of tanning. This process has undergone many changes and improvements over the course of history.

Modern tanning techniques cause the fibers of the dermis to form a chemical bond with the tannins used. These substances prevent hardening of the leather and protect it from oxidation and decay. At the same time they stabilize the animal skin against environmental influences and the swelling by wetness. Nowadays, leather is usually prepared for further processing by means of so-called combination tanning.

Leather - as individual as its wearer

A leather bag accompanies its wearer for many years. The natural material matures just like noble wine or whiskey with time. Traces of wear are no sign of wear - they are rather signs of liveliness and individuality. Just as every person has their own unique characteristics, the leather bag is also characterized by its very own characteristics.

Each bag in our collection is a unique piece of high-quality goat or calfskin, easily recognizable by its natural structure and spicy leather fragrance. Here first-class material meets impeccable workmanship. Just like a good friendship, you should also give your leather bag the necessary care.

Our leather-bound organizers and notebooks are the consistent and stylish addition to your new leather case dar. Show yourself with your own personal touch: leather - as unique as you!