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Simple, functional and always in style - leather bags for men are never out of fashion
and are an asset to every stage of life.

Buy leather bags for men online

In this section we present you an assortment of modern, high-quality leather bags for everyday life, the office, a journey and more. Here you will be informed about which models, cuts and leather variations we have for you to enable you to choose exactly the bag that suits you.
Straight shoulder bags and messenger bags are versatile applicable. The simple leather design does not go out of fashion and thanks to the high quality materials, our bags enjoy a long life. The natural color choice complements every situation and adapts itself over several years time and again to their personal style.
Buying a leather bag online entails certain risks because you are unable to test the quality yourself. We want to show you that we take our bags and the quality that the company name stands for very seriously. Just as we take you as a customer and your needs seriously. That's why only the best materials, from cowhide to goat leather, come into our processing. You will see that our offer is varied and offers something for everyone.
At the end, we will also explain the types of leather we offer, give tips on care and an overview of what leather might be suitable for you.

Leather bags for men in vintage look

They bring the past to life again. Leather bags in vintage look storm the market, with their retro charm and simple design. What the grandfather took to work can now also be revived by the new generation.
Vintage - that does not mean gruesome patterns and impractical cuts, but simplicity and elegance. Trends come back every few decades. Vintage gets over it. Because what is vintage outlasts trends and is fashionable at any time. No matter in which decade you are, vintage is always up to date, always trendy and always classically elegant.
A bag in a vintage look exudes competence and charm. The old cuts are practical and combine timeless style with plenty of space and neat interiors.

Leather travel bags by AP Donovan are suitable as a weekender or sports bag

Do you travel a lot or do you like traveling? Then you know the problem of quickly destroyed old travel bags. Leather travel bags are not just practical. Thanks to their robust exterior, they ensure that your gifts come safely from one spot to the next.
But the bags are also ideal for short trips. A quick weekend getaway does not call for a heavy suitcase, but for a handy carrying bag with comfortable handles and an elegant exterior. Inside, everything important can be packaged neatly so that they arrive punctually at the station or airport.
If you drive away by car, the compact travel bag can be accommodated quickly, easily and in a space-saving way. So you have enough space for other things that you need on your trip.
The handy bag is also suitable for sports for the same reasons. Just pack everything you need for your workout and use the travel bag for transportation. The practical interior design provides an overview of everything you need to carry around without having to empty the bag completely. At the same time the leather protects from external influences and also looks good in the dressing room!

Large photo bags made of leather for system cameras and small camera bags

Click - so fast a photo was taken. But what to do if you're on the road and the camera is not there?
With a proper camera bag, you can safely carry both large and small cameras with you. The padding ensures that nothing happens to the equipment, the exterior protects against wind and weather. So that you, whether hobby clippers, student or professional photographer, always have the opportunity to capture moments. The children's birthday party, the weekend in Paris or the week-long trip to the Amazon can come - we have a model for every situation.
All bag models are easy to stow, take up little space and can be easily taken to all locations. Since the cameras are often heavy, the bags themselves are reduced in weight and provide comfort even with long wearing times, through a wide shoulder strip.
The different models and designs offer a wide selection for you. Do you only want to transport a small digital camera or do you need several lenses? You have your choice! Choose the bag that fits your hobby / profession between all the offers.
Cross-body bags are the most popular. The functional and modern model gives you all the freedom you need. With her it is no problem to run from appointment to appointment, to walk through cities all day or to climb a mountain. The neutral exterior does not say anything about the treasure inside, which prevents theft.
For larger undertakings, the Weekender model offers. The XL camera bag has plenty of equipment. Inside there are chambers for individual parts to avoid collateral damage. In addition, there is storage space for a laptop and cable, so you can build everything on the site and possibly edit and sort out directly.
Lenses have their own lens pockets that allow you to react flexibly to new situations and quickly adapt your camera. The pockets are expandable and offer just as much space as you need.

Briefcases for office, work and university

No matter which area is next in life, leather bags are suitable for any occasion. First day in the new job - make an impression with a stylish briefcase that not only looks good, but also provides space for everything they bring with them. This is especially helpful in the university.
Not only that, in most backpacks hardly fit the laptop, before they are full - they run out quickly. In a briefcase you have space for all your books and souvenirs, the bags are durable and practical for the active lifestyle of a student. They are particularly suitable as a gift for the beginning of studies or as a reward for the first own job.
The bags exude professionalism that you can never have enough of in your professional life. They accompany their wearers for years and are therefore a constant from study to work.

Leather shoulder bags for men

Shoulder bags offer the most comfort. They are resilient and simply pulled over when things need to be done quickly. Our designs offer maximum comfort and a fashionable look, giving you the upper hand in every situation.
Shoulder bags are practical for everyday life, but are also suitable for traveling or for leisure. Everything you need in your bag is always at hand, without having to leave a bulky backpack.
The bags are elegant and complement both the sporty casual look, as well as a complete suit. Thanks to the high quality of our products you are equipped for the next years.

Leather laptop bags and notebook cases up to 15 "

15 "(about 38cm) - that's the average diameter of a laptop - with a laptop bag of these dimensions, your notebook is always at your side, do some work on the train, do a little research, or spruce up the meeting with a presentation - no problem with that a real laptop bag.
These bags are designed to protect one of the most important items in your life from overheating, water damage, and the like. The right quality is a must. That is why we pay particular attention to the padding inside and a sturdy yet stylish exterior. Because once the laptop has been damaged, all data and documents are gone. Do not compromise when it comes to protecting your technical equipment.
Also handy with the notebook cases is the fact that we have bags in all dimensions up to 15 ".This allows you to customize the bag to fit your device.Whatever its size, purses, writing materials and other documents can easily fit in your pocket, making your life easier facilitated.
The laptop bags are available with handle and shoulder strap. You pick the model that fits your lifestyle and personal preference.

Leather messenger bags in brown and black leather

Men's bags are becoming more and more fashionable, this model has been around for a long time. The messenger bag, in German courier bag, is the model of the men's bag, which has always been up to date. Instead of a backpack, the handy, spacious bag offers an elegant alternative. Ideal for recreational activities, college or office.
Especially in the university, a messenger bag offers a lot of advantages. With it you can easily carry textbooks, transcripts and a laptop. The overview of what you get everything with pens, locker keys and other odds and ends, is not lost. The high-quality leather bags also make an impression and offer not only the university documents but also space for leisure objects such as a camera and other things that are not stowable in trouser pockets.
As the name implies, the Messenger Bag comes from a practical area of ​​life. Couriers and exhibitors use them to safely and conveniently transport all important letters and documents. Whether on foot, on the bike or in the car - this bag does not disappoint. Thanks to the wide leather strap, it does not squeeze the shoulder even after a long day and a lot of weight in the bag. It offers plenty of space and guarantees safety for all objects placed in the bag, even in rain or snow. At the same time, it is perfect for an active lifestyle, as it does not disturb the race or other movement.
If you put the bag correctly, it is at the level of the lower back, which always makes it accessible. Unlike rucksacks, you do not have to take them off to access the items inside. As a result, it also protects against theft. Thanks to her resting position, she does not bother in everyday life in that she falls forward or bothers when walking disturbing.
Although the Messenger Bag is also suitable for longer trips, its appearance stands for professionalism, modernity and elegance. It is therefore practical for everyday life and lets the wearer look urban and competent. With them, a fast-paced, interesting lifestyle is combined, which makes the wearer interesting and adult, but at the same time youthful.

Leather backpack with special protective bag for Macbook 12 and Macbook Pro 13 "and 15"

Anyone who has an active lifestyle knows the benefits of a backpack. Of course not everything is within reach, but the valuables are safely stowed, you have enough space and the hands are always free.
Our leather backpacks are both fashionable and practical. They can store everything you could need during the day. The patterns are simple and modern. Inside is a special protective case for Macbooks (12 and Pro), which allows you to take your laptop, without needing your own laptop bag for it. The padding is similar to a real bag and keeps your computer safe.
The advantage of these backpacks is also clear when traveling or on long train journeys - they have space for all travel equipment, but can also work while driving, chatting or writing on a laptop.

Luxury class - buffalo leather pockets

Buffalo leather is an open, coarse-pored leather. This means that liquids can penetrate. It is very sturdy and durable, but needs to be well maintained.
The luxurious, soft and warm feeling on the skin is the reason why it is often used for bags and furniture. Our buffalo leather bags are cuddly and beautifully cut.
The leather comes in three basic colors, depending on the style of buffalo and post-processing / pigmentation. Anthracite (light brown), nutria (dark brown) and English green (dark green).
The advantages come at a price, because even if the leather is generally robust, it is still sensitive. Over time it starts to shine and becomes greasy. Stains are then visible faster and the leather itself can fade.
To prevent this, you should properly care for the bag right from the start in order to be able to fully enjoy it. There are special sprays for new bags. If the bag is a bit older, you can also dye with a dark design.
Degreasing the bag regularly and impregnated once a year the leather, so you get the full luxury. Buffalo leather must be well cared for and therefore not suitable for beginners. The price is also higher than, for example, with cattle or goatskin bags. But buffalo leather has a luxurious feel and, with proper care, is very durable.

Middle class - cow leather bags

Bovine leather is the most widely used leather. It is used for shoes, saddles, belts, furniture and more. Especially with bags, this type of leather offers, because it is high quality, stable and strong. The term covers several types of leather, such as bull leather and cow skins, but only slightly different in grain and handle.
Although cowhide must be cared for and is not per se water repellent, but with the right treatment and care for a long time to look beautiful. It is very tear-resistant and suitable for shoulder straps and heavy-duty bags.
Our cowhide models are also timeless thanks to the frequent use of this type of leather and are suitable for any occasion. If you already have some experience with leather care and are looking for a bag in the middle price range, these bags are perfect for you.

Beginner's class - goatskin bags

Goatskin is probably the toughest leather and requires little care. It is very supple, water repellent and flexible. This means that even under extreme weather conditions and loads there is no breakage or roaring.
Since goats, unlike sheep, have no fatty deposits in / directly under the skin, the leather is extremely fine. The application is limited to gloves and bags, but also shoes and book covers are made of goat leather.
Our goatskin bags are particularly suitable for beginners as they are reasonably priced and very sturdy. If you do not have much experience in leather care, they are ideal for you.