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Buffalo Weekender: Great gift for dear friends or yourself

You are looking for a great idea for a gift? What do you think of a leather laptop bag in the style of a shoulder bag? Our camera bag made of the best leather is perfect for giving joy to a loved one as a present. Pass the leather notebook bag to a friend or just make the bag yourself as a gift. Put the model in an elegant box and loop around it. Incidentally, you can also use the leather shoulder bag as a high-quality giveaway. Surprise with good customers or a long-standing business partner.
In addition to the model we offer a range of other products for elegant men. Choose travel bags and toiletry bags also made of leather, razors and accessories, tobacco pipes and books, as well as other products. All offers are also suitable as gifts and will be adopted enthusiastically by the gifted gentlemen and then used in everyday life. If you have any questions about our different models, feel free to contact us.

Leather Camera Bag convenient online shopping

You are a great friend of analog photography and looking for your expensive camera for a handy camera bag? Then you are exactly right here in our shop. We keep a great photo bag ready for you with this high quality leather camera bag. This gives you the opportunity to start with many exciting photo adventures with your camera. The photo bag is suitable for different models.

Great bag made of leather with many eye-catching

The eye-catcher on the photo bag is of course the noble leather that is designed in this model in an interesting structure. Of course, the leather is wonderfully soft on the outside and inside, so that you can carry the bag of leather for a good in the hand, on the other hand, the expensive camera inside can not be damaged. In most cases, when shooting, additional accessories such as filters or charging cables are needed. Once you are on the road, you want to have everything on board. That's exactly what the leather bag is equipped with several side pockets in different sizes. So that nothing can fall out of the pockets when walking and taking pictures, each of the pockets has a flap for closing.
Particularly handy is the camera bag on the all-round zipper, which allows you to put the camera carefully from the top of the leather case. Thus, it remains in the optimal position during transport. Then close the zipper again. Strikingly designed on the sports bag, the buckles and studs in silver. The material used for the details is high quality metal that is guaranteed not rusting. The silver buckles adorn the leather bag, the handle, the two front side pockets and the shoulder strap.

Now secure our camera bag phased-out model

The leather bag is designed to provide plenty of space inside. That's why she's just too bad as a photo bag. One would like to be on the road with the model even on the weekend. Why not? Just use the camera bag as a small weekender. With the dimensions 25 cm x 15 cm x 15 cm, you can put away some clothes and the toothbrush in the leather bag. You can even use the bag leather as a sports bag. For example, if you start in shirt and pants for the next tennis match and only want to take the balls with you.
No matter if sports bag, weekender or camera bag: The leather bag made of the best buffalo leather is a flexible and at the same time high quality model, with which you can accentuate your style perfectly. Wear a pair of elegant jeans with a fine shirt or shirt to the new bag leather. If you use the bag leather as a weekender or as a leather notebook case, you can even wear a suit. With fine leather shoes and a belt also made of brown leather complete your elegant style.