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Luxury watches at AP Donovan

The brand AP Donovan stands for an uncompromisingly masculine lifestyle and authenticity. Only products that meet our own high standards will ultimately find their way into our product range. In keeping with this philosophy, we are proud to present you a new highlight at this point: luxury watches from the three renowned Swiss watch manufacturers Rolex, Breitling and Tag Heuer.

In contrast to women, men do not have the opportunity to enhance their look with suitable make-up or fine jewelry. This circumstance can be compensated by wearing an exclusive wristwatch. This puts the wristwatch in the focus of AP Donovan as a typical male accessory. Who, if not us as a select men's brand, could better understand a man's desire for a prestigious luxury watch?

The names Rolex, Breitling and Tag Heuer have always been the epitome of exclusivity, precision and prestige. The simple designation "wristwatch" does not really do justice to these marvels of Swiss watchmaking. Rather, they are classic chronometers, the sight of which brings self-esteemed men to tears of joy. But enough of enthusiasm, it's time for a few facts.

Rent a luxury watch

Renting a luxury car or a tuxedo has long since become the norm. Why should not that also apply to a high-priced wristwatch? Just as you do not buy a cow when you only need one liter of milk, you buy a Rolex if you only want to wear it on a specific occasion.

You have an important job interview and would like to leave a good impression? In no case can a high-quality wristwatch harm you. On the contrary, your counterpart will remember your chosen taste and let it flow unconsciously into its decision.

Or do you flirt with the purchase of an exclusive wristwatch, but you want to test it only in terms of their everyday usability? No problem: With a watch hired by AP Donovan you do not take any risks - first try it and then decide. Inform yourself without obligation about the favorable rental conditions of AP Donovan.

Buy a luxury watch on installments

If the price of a wristwatch is similar to that of a used small car, many men come to their pain threshold. That is only too understandable - who already has a petty cash, which gives such a purchase loosely? Therefore, AP Donovan offers you the cheap financing of a luxury watch.

Pay your new watch in comfortable monthly installments without taking an irresponsible big hole in your budget. Nobody looks at the fine watch on your wrist, whether it's already paid off or not.

Buy a luxury watch

You have already discovered your favorite watch in our range and would like to wear it on your wrist as soon as possible? Fantastic, then we will certainly quickly negotiate. We congratulate you on your determination and once again feel encouraged in our opinion that big decisions can not be postponed. Especially for fast-determined men like you, the following point is important because: The purchase of a luxury watch is a matter of trust

At the bottom of our hearts, we would most like to seal all business with a handshake. Unfortunately, this classic form of contracting with men is no longer possible in times of global online trading. Therefore we would like to offer you a virtual handshake instead: We guarantee the verified authenticity and the perfect condition of all watches offered by AP Donovan with our good name. Do not be afraid to contact our customer service if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints. Together we will find a solution for each of your concerns.

Selling a luxury watch

We at A.P. Donovan buy your luxury watch quickly and securely at commercial and market-driven conditions. We evaluate your watch models fairly, thoroughly and at the current resale value. The watch brand, the condition, the age and the completeness of the papers are additional criteria that may determine the price. We treat your valuable timepiece with respect and expertise.