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Breitling Old Navitimer A13322 in very good condition and with original box and papers. As shown with metal bracelet. Freshly cleaned and polished.



Breitling Navitimer Watch buy used online

The Breitling Navitimer has been on the market since 1952 and is a classic among instrumental chronographs.

The Breitling Swiss manufacturer was founded by Léon Breitling in Grenchen in 1882 and soon became one of the upscale watch brands after its founding. One of the reasons for this is that Breitling started to develop watches with so-called complications early on For example, high quality chronograph has begun. This tradition has continued to this day, with much of the company's current product portfolio being chronographs. Even today, Breitling is one of the upscale brands, the price range for new watches starts depending on the version at about 4,500 EUR. The company is particularly attached to aviation, which is why many private and professional pilots still carry a Breitling Navitimer watch today.

The Old Navitimer with the reference number A13322 belongs to the classic models of the brand.

That's why it's called "Old Navitimer", because traditional forms were decisive in the design of the dial and the hands.

The Navitimer gets its name from the so-called E6B-Flight Computer. This is a complete, in accordance with the principle of the slide rule work computer in the clock. The serrated bezel is rotatable relative to the housing and has a logarithmic scale. On the actual dial is a similar scale. By turning factors can be set and thus easily perform multiplications and divisions, for example, to calculate the remaining flight time or the remaining amount of fuel. Navigation tasks can also be solved with the Flight Computer, a feature that gave the watch its name.

The housing of the Old Navitimer, reference number A13322 is made of high quality stainless steel, the surface is highly polished. The base is bolted, he wears the wings as a well-known trademark of the Breitling brand and the year of foundation in 1882.

The case diameter of the watch without crown is 41.8 mm. The timepiece makes a handsome, yet sporty impression.

The movement built into the chronograph is an automatic winding Breitling Cal. 13 - a reliable self-development of the manufactory, which is known and appreciated for its accuracy.

The watertightness of the chronograph is given up to a water column corresponding to 3 bar. This means that the watch is protected against splashing water, a situation that occurs several times a day when washing hands, while showering, swimming or even diving, it should be removed in advance.

What should be considered if you want to buy a used old Navitimer?
First, the clock should be outwardly and generally in good and well-kept condition. If the work has already been revised, this can be assessed both positively and negatively. Against a regulator to maintain or restore the accuracy accuracy is certainly not objectionable, while a complete repair of certain assemblies, such as the balance group due to a case damage, the value of a clock is usually rather something lower.

Why buy a Navitimer second hand?

A used chronograph often costs only a fraction of new models. In addition, every used watch has a special story that makes it unique. If the papers are enclosed, nothing stands in the way of buying a used watch.

Where can I buy used Old Navitimer?

If you want to buy used Old Navitimer, you are in the right place at AP Donovan. We offer a one-year warranty on each watch and are happy to assist you even after your purchase.

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Breitling Old Navitimer A13322 used

Breitling Old Navitimer A13322 used

Breitling Old Navitimer A13322 in very good condition and with original box and papers. As shown with metal bracelet. Freshly cleaned and polished.

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