Rolex watches for men 

Timepieces men dream about and how these dreams become reality

Rolex, whose masterpieces of old watchmaking, are indispensable in the world of luxury watches. The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, who pioneered the development of wristwatches since 1905, has always set the milestones in the history of watchmaking. For example, Rolex created a self-winding mechanism with the Oyster, the world's first waterproof wristwatch or the perpetual rotor. Rolex watches for men still accompany explorers and researchers around the world, from the highest peaks of the Himalayas to the deepest depths of the oceans. For Rolex, good is never good enough, and so legendary records set records. For example, Canadian film director James Cameron was a guest explorer (National Geographic Society, USA) in 2012 aboard a submarine at the deepest depths of the planet. This is the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific at 11000 meters depth. On the wrist James Cameron wore the Deepsea Challenge 2012, the luxury watch manufacturer Rolex. Such a watch for men was also attached to the outside of the submarine. For the mass-produced movement, caliber 3135, this was a challenge that mastered it with ease. Anyone who studies the history of these precision chronographs from Rolex will not be able to get out of the swarming. Whether it's a manual wind model, an automatic watch or a used watch with history, the choice is tough. For example, the used Daytona of the luxury watch manufacturer, which bore Paul Newman in the film, achieved the record amount of 15.3 million euros at auction in 2017.

Why should not "man" own such a gem of watchmaking?

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Of course, such a timepiece of the extra class is not cheap or very cheap. But why should he? Are not you worth it? In particular, luxury watches do not lose their value and with luck, many over the years, more valuable and can serve as a high-profile nest egg, if it should require the financial situation. Just like the Breitling and Omega models. If you still can not decide which model you should buy, you generally love the variety or at the moment you do not want to loot the petty cash, then take for your Rolex but easy leasing to complete.

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