TAG Heuer watches for men 

At Tag Heuer, first-class quality means stylish design

TAG Heuer is the avant-garde of Swiss watchmaking - and has been for more than 150 years. The foundation stone was laid by Edouard Heuer in 1860 when he founded a small watchmaking workshop in Switzerland. This started the success story of a unique company. This was followed by first patents, further openings, world exhibitions and more. Meanwhile, the manufactory is one of the best in the world.

TAG Heuer sets the perfect balance between functionality and design in its wristwatches. The company is known for its absolute precision in manufacturing and processing. Great care and love for the smallest detail are in the foreground. The brand attaches particular importance to the finishing touches that give the wristwatches the finishing touch. All the materials used meet the highest quality standards: leather or rubber, stainless steel or gold, diamonds or sapphire glass.

The brand is always up to date and always keen to bring forth new innovations and set new standards on a regular basis. This creates extraordinary luxury watches that impress with first-class quality and high-quality design. For example, the company created the world's first belt-driven watch with the TAG Heuer Monaco V4. The TAG Heuer Carrera MikropendulumS in turn thrilled with the world's first magnetic double tourbillon and the TAG Heuer Carrera Mikropendulum made headlines as the first regulated high-frequency chronograph.

TAG Heuer watch for men: buy used, rent or financing on installments

There are basically three ways to get a TAG Heuer model from AP Donovan. First of all, you can choose the classic way and Buy your favorite model. So if you want to make yourself a special present and treat yourself to some luxury, this option is well-advised.

You want to buy your dream watch, but do not have the necessary financial resources at the moment? No problem: In this case, the second option is for you: financing on installments. AP Donovan offers you the option of installment payments, so that no big hole in your budget arises.

Those who only want to wear the luxury watch on specific occasions or do not want to commit themselves to a single model benefit from the third variant: the rental option. Whether you want to wear the watch for a corporate anniversary or a private party: AP Donovan's low-cost rental rates allow you to purchase your favorite model for a limited period of time. This is also an advantage if you are not sure if the design really suits you. Because that way you can first wear the model on trial and then decide whether you want to buy it.

Now take a look at the selection of TAG Heuer watches for men at AP Donovan, choose your favorite and opt for purchase, installment or rental option!