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Wer ist A.P. Donovan?

There were probably in the history of man, not a single epoch in which it was necessary to have to define the "man". Today it has become the fashion. Film, advertising, science and politics tell us what a "man" is. Particularly Hollywood stereotypes creates the image of a man whom it may not be so.

So I do not define how a man has to be, but imagine where he can develop - in his nature and character. And this is important not only for men, but to some extent also for women. Only a safe man with identity and self-esteem are instinctively in the interests of both sexes.

A man who commits himself lives according to certain rules, follows a code. No one monitors compliance with these rules, except himself alone that implies that a man confident and determined with a Code is -. No matter how these rules may be.

What does "man be" for me?

Spoken Simpel it means to live through for me a metamorphosis to an Alpha. In the animal kingdom, an alpha is not just the tip of the pack, but also the center - in a sense the point where all the ends. Its role is to act. It calls for information that is weighing decides is a sense ago, pursuing objectives -

and always to the advantage of the pack. A man in turn has his family, his employees, his colleagues, his friends - so all people in his area of influence. Whether these people perceive him as Alpha, he can influence, but require or demand under any circumstances. His only option is to influence his actions and behavior.

Only he earned over time the recognition and respect of his fellow men, who then unconsciously perceive it as an alpha. Therefore, I live by a code that sets me in a direction behaviors, traits and characteristics that are of fellow human beings (and spoken among us, especially women) perceived as characteristic of an Alpha:

My personal Codex


My self-esteem is the foundation of my being. My being determined my actions. On my action I'll measured. To act as an Alpha, I rely on the confidence of a Alphas. I make sure that my self-esteem has a broad and based on many pillars. Pillars of my self-consciousness are my partner, my children, my family and friends, my job, my hobbies and my body. Breaks away from me a column, I am working to build it again. As long as the load is distributed to the other pillars of my self-consciousness.


I know and pursue my goals. I have a clear idea of where I will be in a year and already put the course today for all of my goals that I will achieve in five years. The objective of documenting and I validate a year to get a realistic idea of my self-assessment. Have I reached a goal, I reward myself. I have not reached a goal, I let the learned included in the next objective.


The body is my tool I care, so long as I can work with it. Not because it is just a trend, but because it is one of my principles - I pay attention to my diet. I am doing my body good, he rewarded me with energy. I urge him to sports, he retaliates with force.


What is the weight for my body, is the book for my head. I read a lot, to accumulate knowledge that brings me closer to my goals. This book is not only a source of knowledge, but also the motivation.


I learn that I can stimulate my intrinsic motivation system with rewards. This system is my internal drive and makes sure that I focused work on my goals. The stronger the drive, the more I reach my goals, the more likely I reward myself. I learn that a virtuous circle is created that gives me mass and momentum. Therefore I link each destination, with a reward. My hard work, I reward with hard recovery.


I stand with both feet firmly on the ground. I am independent and deny my livelihood. I lie to anyone on the bag and make sure that the basic needs of my family are satisfied. I do not live by foreign money and consuming only if I can afford it. A portion of my income I put aside to bridge unexpected situations. Another part I invest to increase my yield reflux and expand my prosperity.

The females

I am aware of my sexuality and my biological function as a man. My sex drive is my basic need, which I follow, and certainly I'm not ashamed. However, I respect the female sex and not reducing it to something that exists only to satisfy my needs. Women take on different roles in my company. They are mothers, wives, lovers, colleagues, friends, etc. Everyone I meet this role adequately, so that the woman opposite continue to try to fulfill this role.


My life should be in equilibrium. If I have done what I need to do it regularly time for rest. Those who work hard, who is expected to recover hard. I harvest the fruits of my labor and let others share in it. All in all, it should feel right and balanced.

But let's be honest, even I do not live forever and everywhere in my code. We all have our little exceptions. But ideals are for. We can strive for an ideal, but never reach it. So let us be together to better our environment and men infected with good ideas.

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