Men's Winter Scarf | made of cotton and viscose | black-red checkered

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A.P. Donovan

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Elegant scarf for the cold months

The perfect scarf is not always easy to find. Especially in winter, a men's scarf should meet a few criteria. The defiance of wind and weather, moisture and ice is certainly one of them. But the look is - as so often in life - crucial. Depending on the wardrobe, a discreet check pattern matches the jacket, coat or suit, so that this scarf can accompany men in their jobs and in their private lives. With a chic winter scarf it is simply the combination of material and pattern that is supposed to contribute to health, in contrast to the silk scarf. Both a cotton and a cashmere scarf can do that. As an elegant gentleman, you can get so healthy and stylish through the cold season, stay longer at the Christmas market and even take a walk in the snow.

Checked Men's Scarf by APDonovan

The winter scarf for men convinces with quality and pattern. The pretty, red-and-black checked pattern is interspersed with white elements at the ends and continues on a more transparent course. A subtle fringe trim closes the hem at both ends. Due to the advantageous mix of viscose and cotton this accessory is like a silk scarf on the skin - but it replaces the usually more popular scarf. At the same time this piece of equipment keeps the neck region pleasantly warm, so that the scarf gentleman spares so many colds. And of course, the visual design contributes to the perfect appearance at every Christmas party, New Year's Eve or New Year's celebrations. Because the appealing check pattern can be combined with garments in uni or bravely as a pattern combination with stripes, dots or Mellier. The practical accessory looks and looks like a fancy cashmere scarf with the ease of a scarf.

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Men's Winter Scarf | made of cotton and viscose | black-red checkered

Men's Winter Scarf | made of cotton and viscose | black-red checkered

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