Razor Set 7/8 inch - Sandalwood Sparrow - with whetstone



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The royal road of the Nassrasu

Among the connoisseurs the classic wet shaving with the razor is also called the royal road. In its thoroughness and the gentle and smooth final result of this method no other can reach the water. The traditional wet shaving stands for individuality and class and is a suitable way to express one's own character and lifestyle. Everything you need for it, you get in one go in our offered set.

The razor set made of sandalwood

With our complete razor set you get all the products you need for a traditional and stylish shave. In addition to the knife you get a shaving brush to make the perfect foam, a leather strap on which the knife is removed before each shave and thus perfectly prepared, and a grindstone to ensure the necessary sharpness in the long run - in this way You still enjoy shaving for a very long time. The knife for shaving is handmade, so you get with each purchase a unique piece. The width of the blade is 7/8 inches and it is made of Japanese steel. With a Rockwell hardness of 63 HRC, it is one of the best in the world. The handle of the razor is made of sandalwood, a particularly grippy material. This ensures that the knife sits securely and firmly in the hand while shaving and significantly reduces the risk of cuts. The product is perfect for shaving the entire beard as well as for shaving detailed contours. The high-quality leather strap, serves to remove the knife and is essential for its maintenance. By peeling the knife on the belt before each shave, make sure that the blade shows the maximum sharpness to guarantee the smoothest shave result. The same effect is offered by the supplied whetstone. Dealing with it is quick to learn and easy to handle, and helps to keep the knife in perfect condition in the future as well. Of course you also need the perfect foam for a perfect shave, which you can easily and quickly produce with the contained shaving brush. The beard hair is optimally prepared for the upcoming shave. In order to adequately protect your noble knife, you get a sturdy storage box made of wood, which not only cares for the product, but is also a real eye-catcher with its simple yet high-quality design.

Data sheet
Weight 77 g
Length 68-72mm
Razor blade 7/8" - hollow ground
Razor steel 0.56% carbon; 0.4% silicon; 0.7% magnesium; 13% chromium; 0.1% vanadium and other types of steel.
Rockwell hardness up to 63 HRC
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Razor Set 7/8 inch - Sandalwood Sparrow - with whetstone

Razor Set 7/8 inch - Sandalwood Sparrow - with whetstone

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