Razor Set 7/8 inch - mahogany damask - with whetstone

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Handmade professional tool for the perfect shave in the gift set with the best accessories. The blade is made of Japanese steel. It has a Rockwell hardness of up to 63HRC, and is ranked among the best in the world


A.P. Donovan

Straight razor blade

The straight edge razor blade - its quality is what determines the closeness of the shave. The steel that is used in this razor blade is a particularly high-quality alloy: Japanese tempered steel similar to Shiro-Gami Steel, also known as white paper steel. This plain carbon steel achieves a hardness of 63 Rockwell, which allows immensely sharp blades to be produced. They are particularly effective in shaving with their extremely fine cutting angles of between 15 and 20 degrees. A gentle, yet close shave - two apparently contradictory requirements, yet the steel in this blade amply fulfills both. The razor blade with damask pattern guarantees the gentle, close shave and durable edge of a straight edge razor from A.P. Donvoan.


To ensure that your straight razor is well balanced when it sits in your hand, you need the right weight balance between the blade and the handle. Heavy hardwoods are the best natural material to provide an adequate weight balance to the steel of the blade. The hand grips are made from intricately crafted mahogany wood sourced from the forests of Madagascar. The wood that grows on the island in the Indian Ocean is characterized by a dark, reddish brown color and unusual hardness. This luxurious mahogany wood is the ideal complement to the high grade steel used in the blade. Let our perfect symbiosis of steel and wood fascinate you. Keep everything firmly in your grip while shaving with A.P. Donovan's masculine products.

Shaving brush

Good foam is half the battle. This old barbers' saying is still as true today as it ever was. A finely porous, creamy foam allows the razor blade to glide smoothly over your skin. If you want to avoid an unpleasant shaving rash, a high-quality shaving brush is an essential item in your shaving kit. The shaving brushes that A. P. Donovan offers are made with the finest material that nature has provided for this purpose: badger bristles. Shaving brushes made from badger bristles are rightly considered premium products, and with the right maintenance, they can be an investment that will last for many years. The foam that they create has the optimal consistency for a close, gentle shave. As soon as you apply the foam to you face, you'll feel the difference - the feeling goes far beyond that from brushes made from pig hairs or artificial fibers. To create a worthy complement to the badger bristles, it is carefully attached to a mahogany grip by hand. Two natural materials in a functionally perfect synthesis. Maintain your inimitable style with A.P. Donovan's male

Shaving soap

When shaving with a straight-edge razor, a good shaving soap is an absolute essential. Canned shaving foam represents a real break in style - and more importantly, its quality and consistency just aren't comparable with foam that you whip up yourself. A.P. Donovan's shaving soap is specially adapted to suit our shaving brushes. There's no need for an additional soap dish: you can work the soap directly in the decorative aluminum case. Once the lid is closed, any soap remnants automatically meld into the soap and can be reused the next time you shave. Thanks to this practical and economical method, the soap in the case is sufficient for multiple usages. Fragrant and gentle on the skin - A.P. Donovan rigorously rejects silicone, phthalates and crude oil products. Plant-based ingredients give the soap a natural sensation on the skin and form the basis for a particularly creamy foam. A.P. Donovan - male grooming with style and substance.

Razor strops

In contrast to grinding, which in normal use only takes place every few months, sharpening of the blade with the leather strop is required before each use. The function of the leather strop is most closely comparable with the blade used by a chef to whet knives on a daily basis. The steel is extremely thin on the cutting edge of the straight razor, and at a microscopic scale it is bent as a result of the contact with facial hair, which forms a ridge. This ridge can partially straighten itself out after shaving, but it needs to be removed completely by stropping before shaving. A comprehensive set of illustrated instructions about effective stropping is provided in our section entitled "Customers like to know." On one side, the A.P. Donovan leather strop is made from high-quality Kazakh cow's leather, while on the other side is robust linen fabric. The abrasive effect of the leather is roughly equivalent to a 100,000 grade grindstone. One end of the strop can be attached to a suitable wall hook using the secure, spring-loaded metal hook. The two metallic rings at the other end provide you with a strong grip to ensure that the strop is fully taut. A.P. Donovan - professional equipment for the most manly grooming activity of all - shaving.

Abrasive paste

If the leather strop alone is no longer enough for your blade to achieve the desired sharpness, you can use the abrasive paste that is supplied. A.P. Donovan abrasive paste is made from multiple mineral components and ultra-fine abrasive particles. It roughly doubles the sharpening effect of the leather strop, giving results equivalent to a 50,000 grade grindstone. When a close shave matters: shaving accessories from A.P. Donovan.

Data sheet
Weight 98 g
Length 68-72mm
Razor blade 7/8" - hollow ground
Razor steel 1.5% carbon; 9% manganese; 0.3% molybdenum and other types of steel.
Rockwell hardness up to 64 HRC


Condition New
Manufacturer A.P. Donovan
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Razor Set 7/8 inch - mahogany damask - with whetstone

Razor Set 7/8 inch - mahogany damask - with whetstone

Handmade professional tool for the perfect shave in the gift set with the best accessories. The blade is made of Japanese steel. It has a Rockwell hardness of up to 63HRC, and is ranked among the best in the world

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