Professional 7/8 " Straight Razor carbon steel as a set with Mahogany + grindstone, brush, soap, strop View larger
Professional 7/8 " Straight Razor carbon steel as a set with Mahogany + grindstone, brush, soap, strop
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Razor Set 7/8 Inch - Mahogany Goatee - with whetstone



A.P. Donovan

Handmade professional tool for the perfect shave in the gift set with the best accessories.

The blade is made of Japanese steel (similar to the Shirogami steel). It has a Rockwell hardness of 63 HRC and is one of the best in the world!

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razor blade

Whether shaving with a razor is a pleasant ritual or an unpleasant experience with subsequent skin irritation depends on the sharpness of the razor blade. Just as a star chef uses only the highest quality chef's knives for his work, you too should pay close attention to the quality of your tool when shaving. While the steel of a "Nirosta" chef's knife has a hardness of "only" 54 Rockwell, the Japanese steel of the AP Donovan razor has a hardness of 59 Rockwell . Hardened in a similar process as the well-known Shiro-Gami or white paper steel, this material offers the optimum properties to produce extremely sharp blades. In addition to the sharpness required for a perfect shave, this razor also offers a visual treat: the brushed blade steel gives the material a dull shine. Skilled understatement, which is soothing to the masses. A razor as reliable and individual as yourself. AP Donovan - the perfect address for men of style.

Razor Booklet

Whether your razor is well-balanced in the hand depends largely on the weight ratio between blade and handle. As a natural material, heavy hardwoods provide you with the optimal conditions to provide the blade steel with adequate weight. Mahogany wood from the forests of Madagascar is used for the handmade razors of this razor. The wood growing on the African island is characterized by its beautiful reddish-brown color and especially hard quality. For the high-quality blade steel of our razors, noble mahogany is the ideal complement. Let yourself be fascinated by this successful symbiosis of steel and wood. Keep a tight grip on shaving with AP Donovan's masculine products.

stainless steel insert

The woods used in the manufacture of the handles make your razor a unique and unique piece . To emphasize this individual character of each individual piece, a small stainless steel insert is inserted into the wooden handle. The AP Donovan lettering on it stands as a quality mark for the exceptional quality and longevity of our products. For the love of detail - AP Donovan


Each razor by AP Donovan comes in a decorative wooden box . The noble character of the box is underlined by arabesque hole carvings in the lid and the finely worked metal clasp. A velor-coated foam insert inside reliably prevents scratches on the handle and blade of the razor. As a decorative eye-catcher in your bathroom or for safe transport on trips - this box will do your razor all the credit.


Unlike razor sharpening, which should be done at normal intervals of several months, you must peel off the knife on the leather strap before each shave. In its function, the leather strap is most comparable to the peel of a cook who whets his knives daily. The blade edge of the razor, which is extremely thin on its cutting edge, is bent over by the whiskers in the micro region during shaving and forms a burr. This partially self-adjusts after shaving, but must be completely removed before shaving with the leather strap. A detailed and illustrated instructions for the correct removal of the knife can be found in our section "Customers Want Knowledge". The AP Donovan leather straps are made of high-quality Kazakh cow leather on one side and robust canvas fabric on the other side. The abrasive effect of the leather corresponds approximately to the 100,000 grit of a grindstone. You can securely attach one end of the strap to a suitable wall hook using the sturdy metal carabiner. The two metal rings at the other end give you a secure grip to tighten the strop. AP Donovan - professional equipment around the most masculine of all topics: shaving.

abrasive paste

If the abrasive effect of the leather strap alone is insufficient to achieve the desired sharpness of the razor, you can use the supplied abrasive paste. The AP Donovan abrasive paste consists of several mineral constituents and microfine abrasive particles. It strengthens the abrasive effect of the leather belt by about two times and is comparable to a whetstone of 50,000 grit. If thoroughness matters: shaving accessories from AP Donovan.

shaving brush

Well foamed is half shaved. This old barber wisdom is still valid today. A fine-pored and creamy foam allows the blade of the razor to glide gently over your skin. If you want to avoid unpleasant razor burn, a high-quality shaving brush is the basic equipment of your shaving equipment. The shaving brushes in the AP Donovan range are equipped with the best materials that nature has for this purpose: the hair of the silver badger . Shaving brushes with silver badger hair count rightly to the premier class and are with good care an acquisition for many years. The foam that opens with them has the optimum consistency for a thorough and skin-friendly shave. At the latest when applying the foam you will feel the difference - this skin feeling is far superior to shaving brushes with pig or plastic bristles. To put the badger aside a dignified partner, it is taken in elaborate manual work in a handle made of fine mahogany wood and stainless steel. Two natural materials in a perfect symbiosis. Cultivate your individual style in an inimitable way with the masculine products of AP Donovan.


When shaving with a razor , using a good shaving soap is a must. Canned foam is a real breakthrough in style and, moreover, its quality and consistency are not comparable to that of self-whipped foam. The shaving soap by AP Donovan is specially designed for use with our shaving brushes. An additional soap dish is not required - you can work with the shaving brush directly in the decorative aluminum can. Residues of foam remaining in the can form on their own with the lid closed and can be reused for the next shave. Thanks to this practical and economical method, the soap contained in the box is enough for many shaves. Fragrant and skin-friendly - in the production of soap AP Donovan consistently dispenses with silicone, phthalates and crude oil products. The herbal ingredients give you a naturally good skin feeling and are the basis for a particularly creamy foam. AP Donovan - masculine care with style and aspiration.

AP Donovan recommends

If you believe a song of the doctors, all men are pigs. The men's gifts of AP Donovan teach us a better - with them men are finally real guys again!

Data sheet
Weight82 g
Razor blade7/8" - hollow ground
Razor steel0.56% carbon; 0.4% silicon; 0.7% magnesium; 13% chromium; 0.1% vanadium and other types of steel.
Rockwell hardnessup to 63 HRC
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Razor Set 7/8 Inch - Mahogany Goatee - with whetstone

Razor Set 7/8 Inch - Mahogany Goatee - with whetstone

Handmade professional tool for the perfect shave in the gift set with the best accessories.

The blade is made of Japanese steel (similar to the Shirogami steel). It has a Rockwell hardness of 63 HRC and is one of the best in the world!

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