Travel bag in brown

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Buffalo Leather: One of the most exclusive types of leather

The travel bag for men in brown is made of exquisite buffalo leather by hand. Thus, you get a particularly exquisite model, because buffalo leather is very soft. This type of leather gets its distinctive look only after several years of use. Over the years, the buffalo softens a bit; Also, it can easily become shiny or greasy. Leather lovers really appreciate this peculiarity. However, buffalo leather is also quite sensitive to stains. Do not forget to impregnate your leather bag before using it for the first time.

A men's bag in a distinctive look

Not only the material can convince men at Weekender. Also, the look, which resembles a duffel, makes this model so unique. With its dimensions of 54 x 27 x 21 centimeters, it offers enough space for your luggage or sportswear. A highlight of the leather bag are the various buckles and studs in a gold tone, which harmonizes perfectly with the brown buffalo leather. On the front you will also find a seal on which the brand name is clearly engraved. This impresses the AP Donovan travel bag with an unmistakable look, which sets it apart positively from the bags of other brands.

Our Leather Case Men: Functionality is very important at AP Donovan!

To make it as flexible as possible for your men's travel bag, it is equipped with a carrying strap. So you can easily hang the bag over your shoulder if necessary and have both hands free. Also, the space in the interior is rich, because in addition to the spacious main compartment offers the travel bag large also a minor. It closes in handy with a zipper and is well suited to storing all the utensils you need to have at hand quickly. In the main compartment, however, your clothing is in good hands. You can just as well use the bag for school or work and transport files, books and much more into it.

A versatile and durable leather companion!

Whether you are looking for a travel bag brown for various holiday and business trips or a sports bag for your weekly visit to the fitness center: The travel bag for men is an indestructible companion, which you will enjoy for many years. The best part: Only after several years of use the AP Donovan travel bag gets its unmistakable appearance. Buffalo leather is quite sensitive, but shows its typical discoloration only after a certain time. If your bag has spots of grease or water, you can remove it from buffalo leather with a special stain remover.

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Manufacturer A.P. Donovan
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Travel bag in brown

Travel bag in brown

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