Leather Wallet for Men in Brown | Credit Card

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A.P. Donovan

Purse: Less is more

Some things stay as they are because they have always been like that. In many cases, that's a good thing. With the classic wallet, however, a complete renovation was more than overdue. Cash, especially coin money, has long ceased to be the number one payment method. In the meantime, cashless payment by debit or credit card is the rule rather than the exception. This development more than lives up to AP Donovan's new wallet. On a coin tray, we have renounced completely in the redesign - it makes purses quickly fat, heavy and unwieldy. The consequences are baggy trouser pockets and unnecessary fumbling at the cash register. Even the classic banknote compartment has fallen victim to modernization. Instead, a sturdy money clip made of metal is integrated inside the hinged wallet. With it, bills of all sizes can be stored safely, clearly and within reach. Speaking of touch: In addition to the six card slots inside, our wallet has an extra card pocket with "quick access" on the outside - this is where your most frequently used card finds its safe place.

Valuable content in noble packaging

Despite all the innovations, we remain true to an old principle: For the production of our purse is only genuine leather in question. The traditional male material guarantees longevity and gains in character over time. With the decorative AP Donovan embossing on the outside, we stand for the high quality and finish of all raw materials used. Committed to tradition, open-minded to the new - this is how innovations with style come about.

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Leather Wallet for Men in Brown | Credit Card

Leather Wallet for Men in Brown | Credit Card

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