Glen Els - Wayfare - 0.7 liters - (aroma of fruitcake, raisins, spiced biscuits, caramel and berries) - α30

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Initially rising aromas of fruit cake and raisins in the nose and the strong caskstrength makes discreetly noticeable. Wintry impressions are added: speculoos, caramel and the sweetness of berries. Toward the end, there was a slight oak note and a hint of pecans and salt mix with.

The production of whiskey follows in the forge of a philosophy that is the tradition of this ancient craft faithfully without losing the claim of innovation out of sight. True to the manufacturer's internal motto "The best of all periods of spirits Production combine" old processes are optimized with the aid of the latest technology. The distillation of corn mash is in the classic pot still method. The completely made of copper baking plant is fueled exclusively with wood; a process that is also its own claim of sustainability.

In terms of the Compromise Hammerschmiede is uncompromising. This is not a pun, but explains the mindset "The best or nothing!" A statement that the foundation of all products from the hammer mill is. So Master Distiller Alexander Buchholz responds to the question of what their own whiskey he likes best with: "Honestly all! Otherwise they would be presented in that form. "Good enough for the customer is thus only what satisfies the most exacting and self-critical requirements of the Master Distillers and whiskey specialists themselves.

This consistent intransigence continues in the choice of wooden barrels. Only barrels, where the high quality wine or sherry was stored previously, come on aging in the cask of Glen Els questioned. The innovative concept of tradition, combined with dedication and experience pays off: The Harz Single Malt Whisky has firmly established itself in the international market and represents an unrivaled size.

Wayfare; the beautiful and ancient English word for "journey" has now been replaced by the modern "Travel". We at AP Donovan are a bit nostalgic in this regard and break like to with this exclusive whiskey in his luggage to a traditional Wayfare.

"May your glass always be full, and the roof always be firmly on your head. And may you have half an hour in heaven when the devil realizes that you're dead. "[Irish toast]

Data sheet
Content 0.7L
Alcohol content 57,9% Vol.
manufacturer Hammerschmiede - Home of The Glen Els, Elsbach 11A, 37449 Zorge
warning Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess. For children and pregnant or lactating women is not recommended. Sale of alcohol is only to adults.


Condition New
Manufacturer Hammerschmiede
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Glen Els - Wayfare - 0.7 liters - (aroma of fruitcake, raisins, spiced biscuits, caramel and berries) - α30

Glen Els - Wayfare - 0.7 liters - (aroma of fruitcake, raisins, spiced biscuits, caramel and berries) - α30

Package contents: 1 bottle

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