Spinnaker - Single Cask Malt Whisky - 0.5 liter bottle - taste: savory dark chocolate and tart herbaceous notes - α52

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Whiskydestillerie Blaue Maus

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A whiskey with the color of red mahogany wood from the island of Madagascar and Powerful urwüchsig. The color promises nothing that could not keep the aromas in the nose. This also demonstrates a distinctive woody note in which unfolds the strong wort a fruity Rumtopfs. The palate reveals the spinnaker with savory dark chocolate and tart herbaceous notes. A very complex whiskey, let the earthy flavors to catch perfectly with soft water. Even the short echo obtained by using water for a longer stand. A real whiskey for individualists. Strong and consistent.

If the label of a bottle of whiskey the name Single Malt means: The whiskey in this bottle comes from a single distillery. To its customers to offer a product with always the same taste over a longer period, in many distilleries whiskey from different barrels and / or vintages is processed into a mixture. Here the individual flavors of each barrel are in a way the rough edges sanded in order to unify the aroma. As this only concerns varieties from its own holdings, the finished whiskey mixture must still bear the predicate Single Malt. A common practice, which also does not append the infamous reputation of Panschens. Nevertheless, the distillery takes Blue Mouse distance from this technique of "internal blends". Why?

In philosophy, this distillery has Whisky, the water of life, a higher priority than an ordinary everyday product. Just as many serious whiskey drinkers are pronounced individualists, to be her drink of the utmost individuality. The unique flavors of each barrel are not understood here as an undesirable deviation from the norm. Instead, they emphasize the uniqueness of what arises from the marriage of the four elements of fire, water, earth and air in the long process of barrel aging. For bottling comes basically in the Distillery Blue Mouse only the content of a single barrel. These so-called Single Cask (single barrel) whiskeys differ from commercial whiskeys, as the tailor-made suit of any cut lengths. Individually, strong and unique as the people for whom they are distilled with great attention to detail.

That is set in a tour of the spinnaker only with a stiff breeze, was already clear to us from AP Donovan. After tasting this stormy in the best sense whiskey in cask strength, we also know how the matching sailor greeting reads: "Have a pleasant journey and there always be enough water under the keel!"

"The water was not enough to drink. So that his taste was better, we had to add whiskey. " [Winston Churchill]

Data sheet
Content 0.5L
Alcohol content 40% Vol.
manufacturer Whisky distillery Blue Mouse, 91330 Eggolsheim / Neuses (Bayern)
warning Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess. For children and pregnant or lactating women is not recommended. Sale of alcohol is only to adults.


Condition New
Manufacturer Whiskydestillerie Blaue Maus
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Spinnaker - Single Cask Malt Whisky - 0.5 liter bottle - taste: savory dark chocolate and tart herbaceous notes - α52

Spinnaker - Single Cask Malt Whisky - 0.5 liter bottle - taste: savory dark chocolate and tart herbaceous notes - α52

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