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With this surprise set you get three randomly selected pipes in the set (each consisting of tobacco pipe, stand and pipe stoppers). Often we mix absolute unique pieces. Pipes with carvings that have been made only once or have a unique pattern in the grain. We make sure that you get in shape and color as different tobacco pipes.

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"Pipe smoking contributes to a reasonably objective and relaxed judgment on human affairs." [Albert Einstein]

Known pipe smokers are also usually self-confessed pipe smokers. Not only do they stand by their alleged vice, but they also find wise words (like Einstein) on the deeper meaning of their passion. The ritual of smoking a pipe has nothing in common with the quick gratification that a cigarette promises. Accordingly unknown in pipe smokers is also the phrase "quickly smoke another" - it is just the quiet deliberation that makes the enjoyment of a pipe. If you already belong to the decelerated circle of pipe smokers, you know what we are talking about here. If not: it's worth a try. AP Donovan has the right tools for you!

Our tobacco pipes are made in elaborate handcraft from the best woods. A handmade pipe is always unique because the living material does not allow stereotype equality. Each Ebauchon, the wooden pipe blank, has its own characteristics and peculiarities in structure and grain. Accordingly flexible the pipe maker must design his work. Again and again, the individual work steps must be adapted to the different circumstances. A craftsmanship whose traditional values ​​are committed to AP Donovan's pipe makers.

Dark ebony comes from the tree genus Diospyros native to Madagascar. Due to its exceptional hardness, it is considered one of the finest and most sought-after woods worldwide. The qualities of ebony come into their own, especially in the field of art-turning, as well as in instrument and pipe construction. This handmade ebony tobacco pipe represents the classic style of a Bent in outstanding elegance. The beautiful dark grain of the pipe bowl blends perfectly with the black acrylic of the bent normal bite mouthpiece. Also, this tobacco pipe is designed for the use of a commercially available nine-millimeter filter. Smoking pleasure in all its beauty: the handmade ebony tobacco pipe by AP Donovan.

The reddish-brown African mahogany of the tree genus Khaya comes from the island of Madagascar and is characterized by a particularly beautiful grain. In addition to the use in furniture, instrument and boat construction, it is also very popular with pipe makers. Held in the classic style of a Bent, this handcrafted tobacco pipe combines visual appeal and functionality into a harmonious unity. To guarantee a mild smoking pleasure, the use of a commercially available nine-millimeter filter is provided. A special highlight of this shapely tobacco pipe is the mouthpiece made of transparent and black acrylic with a normal bite. Aesthetics and Function in Harmony: The handmade mahogany tobacco pipe by AP Donovan.

The reddish sandalwood from the tree of the genus Santalum is traded in the country of origin India as coveted material for furniture production. In Europe, however, it is mainly used for the production of handicrafts and tobacco pipes. Made in the form of a classic bent, the AP Donovan tobacco pipe made of sandalwood impresses with its exceptionally beautiful color and excellent smoking properties. In the transition from spar and mouthpiece is a bore for receiving a commercially available nine-millimeter filter. The curved mouthpiece made of black acrylic is equipped with a normal bite mouthpiece. Nice to look at and enjoyable to smoke: the handmade red sandalwood tobacco pipe by AP Donovan.

Finally closing time. You sit relaxed in your favorite chair, on the table next to you a glass of whiskey and the new novel by Henning Mankell. In her hand the just-blown whistle, from whose head fine threads of smoke rise to the ceiling. The evening can begin. Just as you want to pick up your book, the phone's ringing cuts through the comfortable silence. Damn, right now, when the pipe is burning so nicely. But where to go with the good piece on the fast? It is precisely for this and similar situations he is thinking: The AP Donovan tobacco pipe stand made of stainless steel. Shapely, collapsible and practical. Whether you need a quick and safe deposit for your burning pipe, or want to present your pipe collection stylish - the little helper made of polished stainless steel will help you. Best of all, the pipes by AP Donovan bring their little "lounge chair" with them. Maybe you should just switch off the phone at the end of the day ...

The equipment that is important for the pipe smoker is manageable. A pipe, pipe tobacco, matching filter to the pipe, a (pipe) lighter, pipe cleaner and (small but important): a pipe utensils. The passionate pipe smoker, of course, the use of the pipe utensil is familiar. The newcomer to the most stylish way of tobacco enjoyment is briefly explained here, what it is. A pipe utensil, also called pipe stuffer, has three different tools: the tamper, the reamer and the thorn or loosener. These names basically explain already the respective function of the individual components. When lighting the pipe, the tobacco in the pipe bowl puffs up slightly and is then pressed down on the embers with light pressure from the stuffer. Even during smoking, it is recommended to top up the tobacco a little bit from time to time - the whistle drags much better. Thorn and reamer are used after cooling the smoked pipe. The ashes in the pipe bowl are loosened with the thorn and then carefully removed with the reamer. The AP Donovan pipe cutlery combines functionality with elegant design. Mandrel and reamer can be folded into the polished mahogany handle for safe transport. The tools are made of high quality stainless steel and easy to clean after use. So: the whistle, get set, go!

If you'd rather have the sky full of pipes instead of violins: with tobacco pipes by AP Donovan for the heavenly smoking pleasure.

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Surprise set for tobacco pipes "Bacabs"

Surprise set for tobacco pipes "Bacabs"

With this surprise set you get three randomly selected pipes in the set (each consisting of tobacco pipe, stand and pipe stoppers). Often we mix absolute unique pieces. Pipes with carvings that have been made only once or have a unique pattern in the grain. We make sure that you get in shape and color as different tobacco pipes.

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