Wooden Tobacco Pipe - Mahogany - Mitnal

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Classic and handmade tobacco pipe made of high quality mahogany wood

Already the famous physicist and Nobel laureate Albert Einstein recognized that pipe smoking in interpersonal affairs would contribute to a "reasonably objective and calm judgment". Because unlike the hastily smoked cigarette, smoking a wooden whistle takes time to think and make smart decisions. The ritual makes a contribution to slowing down the flow of information in the world for a moment, to switch off from hectic everyday life and to relax. Pipe smokers appreciate the pleasant effects of their supposed vice. Discover the pleasure of smoking fine tobacco in a comfortable wooden pipe.

Wooden pipe with unique aesthetics and best functionality

Each tobacco pipe by AP Donovan is unique in an appealing dark red design. Each wooden pipe blank or Ebauchon has an individual structure and grain. The pipe maker faces the challenge of coordinating individual and repetitive work steps with the specific conditions of the living and demanding raw material. Mahogany, which belongs to the Khaya tree genus in Africa, is used in boat, instrument and furniture construction as well as in pipe construction due to its excellent material properties. Our tobacco pipe forms a perfect symbiosis of shapely wood and the black acrylic mouthpiece with normal bite. In order to experience a mild smoking pleasure with the wooden pipe, a commercially available nine-millimeter filter must be used.

Order wooden and tobacco pipes now at a preferential price

Here you can buy fine tobacco and wooden pipes and optional pipe utensils, which consists of pipe rack and pipe stoppers, at an attractive price. Our wooden pipe sets contain all the components required for stylish smoking. Prepare yourself or a loved one by ordering exceptional quality products and accessories from AP Donovan.

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Wooden Tobacco Pipe - Mahogany - Mitnal

Wooden Tobacco Pipe - Mahogany - Mitnal

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